Which method of smoking gets you highest?

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  1. in order of best to worst:

    vaporizers or blunts or bowls or bongs/gravity bong, or brownies?
  2. Blunts r the best but gravity bongs hit u good to then reg bongs and last bowls
  3. it is all preference... some people like the vape high best because of how clean it is others like blunt because u do get extremely high and bong rips because its always fun to watch the smoke and get good at it... i prefer bongs and vapes bongs because w my bong... 1 hit and im super high and vapes because i can chill in my room n vape wenever i want n have a clean high
  4. The joint. I've only vapped a few times, and that was with a soldering iron, so I guess it doesn't really count.
  5. I <3 Bongs
  6. +1 for bongs
  7. I think for the Herb/high ratio a gravity bong works best. You can really milk it and take one huge hit from a bit of herb.
  8. Gasmask with a bong attachment.
  9. I get very high from a bong hit but the highest I've ever gotten was from some weed cookies me and my buddy made.
  10. bongs for sure
  11. I perfer Blunts iv naver Vaped and i always have my bowls at home for lone tokeing
  12. Bowls and Joints :smoke:
  13. Blunts is the way to go but if im
    Really that lazy juss bong hits , gets me high quick as shit.
  14. Edibles by far, but I guess that's not really 'smoking'
  15. Vaporbong
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    For the punch you in the face effect and ease of use, I'd say a nice sized bong

    for a more mellow, but creeps up and gets you just as high, a smaller bong, or mini bub

    and for most people, and nicely made batch of edibles, for a more tranquil, "painkiller-esque" body stone. this usually involves alot of prep, there are alot of factors that can effect your high, and there are also several ways to mess up/decrease the potency of your edibles in the process. This is usually a much harder and costly process for the majority of smokers.

    vaping has never really done much for me, although I have not had a whole lot of experience....
  17. My PD gets the job done very nicely. Vaping isn't for everyone though. :)

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