Which method is better for seedlings?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bkblaze, May 3, 2016.

  1. Hi all I am new to Grass City I have a few seeds (i believe some Afghan Indica's) that just germinated and I have them in a 2X2in seedling trays with a mild organic high perlite mix. My question is I have three lighting options for the seedling stage and would like opinions on which would promote better growth for them. When they are old enough they will be growing outdoors organically in 20-30 gal totes.

    Option 1: Indoors under 40w / 2000 lumen / 7500k florescent T12 + ~200-400 lumen led (Wattage and Kelvin unknown but very blue I'm guessing 6000-8000K)

    Option 2: Indoors under 32w/ 2500 lumen/ 4100k florescent T12 + ~200-400 lumen led (same as option 1)

    Option 3: Outdoors for a couple hours/per day while gradually increasing sunlight exposure over the seedling period. Right now my climate is about 75-85F daytime highs and averaging about 50% humidity. Time spent not under sunshine will be spent inside under Option #1 or #2 indoors.

    Thoughts and opinions greatly appreciated.
  2. Sounds complicated. Id put them indoors, under both options 1 and 2. :D
  3. Nah it't not too complicated...2 different light choices inside or put her outside.I only have 1 florescent light receptacle hence the 2 indoor lighting options.

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