Which Looney Toon Are You?

Discussion in 'General' started by joshy, Sep 30, 2002.


Which Looney Toon Are You?

  1. Bugs Bunny

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  2. Daffy Duck

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  3. Porky Pig

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  4. Tweety

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  5. Slyvester

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  6. Wily E. Coyote

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  7. Marvin Martian

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  8. Pepe Lepew

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  9. Speedy Gonzales

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  10. WTF are you smoking? :)

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  1. I know its a boring post, but screw it. I would say Wily E. Coyote since it seems if I try my hardest on something I almost always get screwed over. (Maybe I should take a vow of silence and carry around signs lol)
  2. I couldn't vote!!!!!! I am definitely Smurfette carrying around my basket of daisies!!!!!!!!
  3. MR BEAN!!


    wait..hes not a loony toon........he should be!!

    i voted for bugs, im always jokin with somebody
  4. Had to pick bugs. Why? well, aside from the fact that I grew up on looney toons, he's a fellow wabbit, we gotta stick together ya know?

    edit: aw yeah, Mr. Bean rocks all ass. all of it. that movie kinda sucked though. I was content watching him on pbs at 3 am on sundays.
  5. Yosemite Sam!!! Ya carnsarned Varmit!!! LOL
  6. Its all about Bugs Bunny. He is the ultimate toon.

    Wait; anyone remember the animaniacs?

  7. i went with wild E coyote. lol who else voted for him and didnt fess up!??!?!

    if only I could just pull out signs as fast as he does to express my emotion of the moment, my life would be so much simpler.
  8. I'd say I was Pepe Lepew....always chasin pussy

    EDIT: The Mr Bean movie didnt suck, that shit was the bomb
  9. Huh???? Where's Taz???

    If I could be a Loony Toon, I'd be Taz.

    I remember Animaniacs. They were always on early in the morning.
  10. damn I knew I forgot Taz, sorry about that :) and also Yosimitie Sam for that matter.
  11. Daffy Duck cause i'll do some savage shit for the money and no one thinks he's all that but one episode taz stole some money from daffy and daffy wupped his ass and left taz unconcious TAZ!

    like SHIT

    what the fuck r u smokin'
  12. got to be bugs no one elts
    in history was as

    cofident or self assured

    never did he panic or "wigg out"

    always the man !!

    even when he dressed like a woman!

  13. Just a joint :smoke:
  14. It's time for Animaniacs
    And we're zany to the max
    So just sit back and relax
    You'll laugh 'til you collapse
    We're Animaniacs!
    Come join the Warner Brothers
    And the Warner Sister, Dot
    Just for fun we run around the Warner movie lot.
    They lock us in the tower whenever we get caught
    But we break loose and then vamoose
    And now you know the plot!
    Yes we're Animaniacs!
    Dot is cute and Yakko yaks.
    Wakko packs away the snacks
    While Bill Clinton plays the sax.
    We're Animaniacs!
    Meet Pinky and the Brain who want to rule the universe.
    Goodfeathers flock together; Slappy whacks 'em with her purse.
    Buttons chases Mindy, while Rita sings a verse.
    The writers flipped; we have no script
    Why bother to rehearse?
    We're Animaniacs!
    We have pay-or-play contracts.
    We're zany to the max
    There's baloney in our slacks.
    We're Animanie,
    Totally insaney
    Here's the show's namey:
    Those are the facts!

    - proof that I watch far too many cartoons.
  15. balony in are slacks!!!!

    love that show

    Helllooooooooo nurse!

  16. But even the animaniacs held the original "Bugs Bunny" in high esteme. How could you not?!
  17. fuck yes

    buggs is the greatest!!!!

    all young toons should look up to him

    as the animaniacs did
  18. doesn't anyone remember 'tiny toons'? just saw it on nickelodeon in fact. It wasn't quite as good as animaniacs, and it wasn't even close to the original looney toons, but at least it's better than 'baby looney toons' *shudder*
  19. the first few episods of tiny toons where hillarious!!!

    all this acme.....what about woody woodpecker?

    that was a funny fucker....lol

    (not to degrade acme)

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