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which living situation is superior for growing?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dickens cider, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. Situation A) Apartment, all utilities included. I have lived here a year; landlord is cool as fuck, corporately owned so no one really pays much attention to anything. No inspections without 48 hour notice, feel very safe here except for the fact that I don't know if my utilities are individually metered. Thus, I dont' know if they can check when my unit is requiring 400 watts of electricity for 12 hours, every day.

    B) New apartment (can't afford a house, in college) wherein I am unfamiliar with the frequency of landlord visits, but I pay the utilities, so no concern there.

    Keep in mind this is in a Midwestern state in an economically depressed area, where landlords have probably never even considered cannabis growing as a possible issue. Pot is not popular at all here, all things considered.

  2. I would say there is no way to safely grow in an apartment.

    If I absolutely had to choose one of those options, I would say find the slummiest apartment in the slummiest part of town with the sleaziest slumlord owner.

    The kind of place where the owner wouldn't even come by if a tornado hit the building. And certainly not for something like building maintenance.

    But then you live in a slum.

    And just because you live in a slum doesn't mean that you are safe. The fact that you are safer from being found out by your landlord might mean that it's more likely someone will break in and steal your shit.
  3. i feel like your current situation is better. I mean 400 watts is really not that much and if your really worried try to cut back on usage. Like have all appliances throughout your place on power strips so you can cut it off when ever you done because a lot of thing are stealing electricity with out even using it. And also switch over to cfl bulbs through out the place. If you just keep an eye on your other usage in the place 400 watts will not be anything.
  4. Cool stuff so far.

    Anyone else?
  5. stay where you are.

    Do not worry about pulling 400w. you have to get up to the thousands to draw attention.

    And the guy that reads your meter doesnt know the hours you run.

    Like I always say if they are watching you that close, you are already caught.
  6. anyone else?
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    no inspections without 48 hours notice...


    maybe you could put your own lock on the bedroom door or something, bc someone could come in anytime...
  8. situation A hands down. but in an apartment you have to keep it stealth. very stealth.

  9. this is how I roll.
  10. Current situation for sure, if you had to pick. A deadbolt or some sort of lock would be good to place on your door though.
  11. no, he cant fuck up the door.

    what you can do is find a knob that is similar to the one you have that locks. All it has to do is keep an honest man out and let you know if someone has been in there. Anybody goes in and breaks down your door, well then, they put that growing stuff in there too.;)
  12. well you could even put a deadbolt in the hole that the original knob came out of... the only drawback is you NEEED the key in the door to open if from the outside, or even just to make it stay shut. and its very noticebale that you changed it out, but so what. theoretically no ones coming without notice anyway. u could just swithc it back if you were expecting company.

    but if you just replace the current knob with a different one that features a lock, that isnt very secure. those are easily bypassed with a credit card. you need a deadbolt.
  13. Thanks guys. I just hope to fuck they can't read hour-to-hour on the meters.
  14. You better have a plan for odor control before it becomes a problem. 400 watts can grow some stinky plants and that smell will spread through the whole building.

    Good luck and be careful.
  15. The 400 watts is not going to be the thing that's gets you busted. Shit 400
    watts could be all kind of things and your landlord is not going to see a 400 watt increase and be like oh shit he's growing pot in his room. It's just not going to happen. What you should focus your attention on it's the smell. The smell will get you caught LONG before a 400 watt increase. So I suggest investing in a carbon filter and stay right were you are. There is no way in hell that anyone is going to question 400 watts incrase in electricy usage it's really gonna be one of the lasts things that get you caught. By the time they ate looking into your electricy your already fudged because more than likely you told some people and word got around. That's normally how people get busted so make sure you tell NO ONE, take your growing secret to the grave and no matter how much you wanna tell people don't, that's why were all here at the city. If you stick to 400watts with a carbon filter and you don't tell people you should have nothing to worry about.
  16. I grew in an apartment once with a 1K lamp. Never again. The entire floor smelled very floral as soon as you entered the hallway. It was so insane but I was saved by the fact that I was in the hood, no one ever came by, and neighbors either didnt care or didnt know what the hell was going on.

    If you can keep the smell under control I would go for it, but I found it to be a very tough task even with venting. I did not have a carbon filter at the time however.

    Good luck.
  17. I plan on dropping a few hundred for an odor controlled tent. I'm hopefully it won't stink at all outside the tent.

    Great info guys. thanks
  18. if you grow in a tent the carbon scrubber is your key and youll have nothing to worry about. I mean when you open up the tent its going to stink a bit but while everyting is closed up youll be good.
  19. Neither situation is secure, growing in an apartment is risky. Oh sure the lease says 48 hours notice, but keep reading. You do not have the same rights to privacy as a private homeowner does because your privacy rights have to be balanced against the property rights of the owner. Landlord can enter without notice if there is an "emergency", which the landlord in his sole discretion decides. A pipe bursts, you get a cockroach infestation, who knows. You also might have signed away your right to a prior notice for certain maintenance, look in the lease -- sometimes there is a clause that allows maintenance to come in and change the air filters and such.

    Even on 48 hours notice you would need to totally break down your grow op and hide it somewhere, a major hassle and another major security issue for you.

    Beyond that you have very close neighbors and possible restrictions on how you can handle the inevitable pungent aroma, not a good combination.

    I can see in your original post that you are already rationalizing yourself towards an answer. I know you really want to grow, but sometimes the best choice is not to if you don't have a solidly secure grow situation, which is the case for you.
  20. Well I won't have enough money to buy a house for many, many years. I think I need to just do it if being a grower is something I really, really want-which it is.

    Your points are well taken, and your observations I more or less agree with.

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