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  1. Ok im gonna duel boot my little netbook and possibly my comp. Which linux you think i should use? Ive used Ubuntu and fedora but only a very little bit and that was years ago
  2. Depends what you want to do, if your looking for simplicity I would go with Ubuntu. You could also consider Linux Mint Debian; If your looking to pentest I would go with BackBox, or BlackBuntu.
  3. I dual boot Arch with my Windows, I'd recommend that if you want something a little more involved. Ubuntu is still the shit (as in good) for new users, although Unity can be irritating.
  4. Ubuntu is great - I havent used it since 10.04 (lucid lynx) - apparently the later ones have much higher system requirements and generally arent as easy to use. If i were you id get 10.04 and not bother with the later releases.
  5. Dude I'm currently on Crunchbang and it is awesome! So quick. The menu is activated by right-click so it's super user-friendly and all your programs are a click away. Great for beginners. I have used Ubuntu but Crunchbang is where it's at.
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    I would stay away from Ubuntu on a netbook since it is so bloated.Try to find something that runs a lightweight WM like XFCE or openbox.I would go with either archbang, or crunchbang like the person above said. Crunchbang is also based on debian,so if you have used ubuntu you will be used to its package manager and its various apps. It is what I am currently using and I don't think I am going to switch any time soon. Or if you are familiar with code and compiling programs from source,I would give Gentoo a try,you can literally fine tune it to your specific computer with as many or as few programs as you want.
  7. Sounds to me like you're still new to the world of Linux so I suggest trying out the live environment they have or doing a live boot. Ubuntu would be your best bet for now. And I concur with ssblind in regards to not installing it on the netbook.

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