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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by malorumdeus, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. hello people, i want to say that you all run a great place and i wouldnt have even tried if i had not stumbled into here. THANKS
    with that out of the way ill get to the ?
    i have a room 7'6"(L)x4'6"(w)x6'(h) and have 13 plants in veg right now. the wall sa are lines with aluminium plates and the plants are in "emilys garden".for lights i have a 400wmh a 250wmh and a 250whps.
    what is my best lighting combination and arrangement for veg and for flowering?
    right now i am using the 400 and tne 250hps.
  2. HI and welcome to the city

    sorry your measurements are in M or Ft or?

  3. my apologies, they are in feet.
  4. what im wondering is should i balance the spectrums by running both 250's or should i keep it like i have it with the 400 mh and the 250 hps or just say screw it and light em all up???
  5. Hi M

    how many plants are you going to grow in your grow room?

    for veg your plants dont need all those lights i would just go for a veg bulb for your hps(sorry dont now if mh is good for veg)thats what i used worked for me.i used a veg agro bulb by philips.
    the need for strong light in the right spectrum is important in flowering its the differnce to good buds or small buds.
    laters jay
  6. right now i have 13 growing in "emilys garden" from hydrofarm.
    they are on 18/6 scedule with a box fan on the same timer.
    i have fresh air comming in at the bottom and since its warming up here now ill be putting in an exhaust fan i salvaged from work'
    the walls are lined with aluminum plates used in printing shops they are highly reflective and easy to work with.
    the temp is around 78f to 85f daytime and 65f to 75f at night.
    humidity has been around 35-40 on the ol barometer thingy
    ph is within the tolerance and checked daily and the plants are misted and encouraged religiously.
  7. your temps a bit high dude and humidity should be up towards 60 i think

    im NO real expert im just helping you the best i can.
    a mod or more expernced grower shouled be around soon hopefully.im only on my first indoor grow my self.

    laters jay
  8. im hoping the exhaust fan will lower it enough.its pretty powerfull and i can always put in another box fan or something if needed.
    i may build a smaller box for seedlings using the extra 250w mh .commercial weed here is $60 a quarter for average stuff and no hook ups on anything good so i need to keep myself in constant supply or pay the price for stuff you all would probably piss on.
  9. as i seid befor im no expert!
    i dont think mh is real good for veg.flouros would be better than those.the bulb i told you about befor is GOOD.
    im not saying you cant do it though!

  10. i cant afford the price of the stuff here some times its350$nz an oz and not that good or sometimes its 250$nz and its real good.then it can go real dry just befor harvesting.

    thats why imtrying to grow my own mj.

  11. sorry mr A .
    but i think this guy has ample lights for the area hes got for flowering ok the hps wouldnt hert if it was higher but his room isnt huge and hes got reflector stuff.
    id say his biggest worry is heat at mo.
    laters jay.
  12. ok, so my little hps isnt really helping much. so i take it that it wont be enough to flower with. i was hoping that it would, but hadn't counted on it.
    i raised my lights today and brought the temp down to 75f is this still to high.
    also i noticed tiny yellow dots and what looks like dust on my babies coult this be from misting so much with nuted water?
    and finally what is an ec meter and do i really need it.
  13. Hi

    i wouldnt mist with ferts, i wouldnt touch ferts untill 3-4 weeks of veg.this could be why you got yellow dots on your leaves.you might of over done it a bit with the ferts if your yellow dots get worse you will have to flush them.

    i think you got enough lights and i would use that hps aswell as your over 2 lights.

    laters jay
  14. grodaka, they are in emilys farm hydroponic unit.they were planted on the 16 of april.theyre approx. 4 in tall. ive been using AGRO all purpose nutes (they came with the garden)npk is 5-7-5. i know i probably need to add more n, but ive been taking things one step at a time since i am an impatiant person and tend to rush things alot.
    ive seen people in the city talk about b vitamins for roots, im wondering which b vits are best and could i just crush some of the ones i take myself.
    also if this goes well enough i plan on building myself another hydro setup, read BPP's thread about bubble buckets and they seem simple enough.
    hopefully photos will come soon.the printing industry is pretty slow and im lucky to get 4 good days at work lately, so cameras are a luxory at the moment.

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