Which light should I get?

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  1. What I want to is get the conversion thing so I can have both MH and HPS lights But assuming I cannot get this whether it be money reasons or prefrance what one should I get for both stages of growth MH or HPS? I would truly appreciate the help if you can and want to do so of course. Thank u for your time.

  2. Hi, im also a beginner, and the best deal ive found is this:
    Econo 400 Watt HPS - Inside Sun

    Its a 400 watt HPS then for 40 bucks you can add something to plug in an HM light also, then buy an HM light off ebay. Hope this helped!
  3. I understand that I can get both but I just need to know which one if I HAD to choose would be the best all around one?
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  5. HPS absolutely, no questions. While MH bulbs are better for bushy veg growth the same or better yeilds can be produced on hps with a little LST of your plant, or possibly a scrog if you have the time.
  6. If only one choose HPS:

    HPS is decent for veg and great for flower.

    MH is great for veg and not so good for flower.
  7. thanks for the backup toasty.

    Zero, consider back in the 70's, you think they didn't grow indoor then? they most certainly didn't use MH lights yet. :rolleyes:
  8. The best light is the Phillips Son Agro 430 Watts HPS. Is has more blue spectrum than most HPS lights which makes it much better for veg, while having all the great flowering qualities of a HPS light

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