Which light is better?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by s12fever, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Which light is better and whats the difference?

    30w fleuro or 30w cfl ?

  2. A CFL is a fluoro -- stands for compact fluorescent light. Think of it as a tube fluoro light just all folded in on itself. How many plants are you thnking of, and how many of each kind of light?
  3. not sure what you mean by plates, but i'm buying 2x30w fleuros plus the 15w i already have
  4. Plants not plates. CFLs concentrate their light into one area, so if you are growing a small number of plants I would lean towards CFL. With more plants you will have more area to cover, in which case I would say the tube fluoros.
  5. ohhh yep i get ya. Growing 6 plants, each pot is about 4-5" in diameter...Look in my other post for pics
  6. With all due respect, if you have pics just show them. If they already live somewhere else give a link. I'm not going to search all over the place for your pics.
  7. ok well they were like 5 threads down from mine but heres the link anyway lol


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