Which Lifestyle is Better?

Discussion in 'General' started by RasPlasch, May 12, 2010.

  1. I'm a senior in Highschool. Finally about to graduate from the shit hole.

    But my track record has added up to equal a large sum. If you catch my drift. It was a sexual hint, lol.

    But lately I have been getting texts, and in person words of hatred and such from people at my school for the way I act. Not having a girlfriend my whole highschool career and just doing the hook ups with girls that are friends.

    But the way I see it is... its highschool, I'm 18. Why would I want to have a girlfriend when I can enjoy variety? Its not like I plan on marrying any girl I meet in highschool, so whats the point of a long term relationship?

    So... from the ages 18-25, I personally rather not have a girlfriend.
    Am I crazy? Cause everyday I get more remarks thrown at me that leave me to believe I am....
  2. You are crazy. Crazy in a smart way.
  3. No, the only reason you should get shit for that is if you're lying to get there. But it doesn't seem like that's the case, so tell'em to eat a dick.
  4. Nope, you aren't crazy at all. Get it out out your system so you don't wonder if you've missed anything in life and then ruin a relationship by looking for things you don't know if you missed.

    My 2 cents, and experience. :hello:
  5. no i think your pretty smart. focus on you and when you feel ready look for someone to share your wealth with. and i dont mean just money. besides.. girls are annoying:p
  6. No. I don't lie about anything. I tell them all and they all know very well that I am not looking for a girlfriend.

    I mean... I'm only in my teen years for so long and I'm not going to any college. So its not like these options will be open to me for much longer. I'm using my time wisely.
  7. As long as you're not implying something that is utterly false on the opposite sex (i.e. leading them on to think the relationship is true love), then to each his own I say.

    Now, if you are fucking with peoples heads just to get laid, then I'd have something else to say, 'cause that's not cool at all, and Karma will catch up to you my friend.
  8. No you are not crazy but I could see people getting pissed if you keep hooking up with friends, because usually guys want to start relationships with girls who are first friends and then they find out you banged them kind of ruins it to a degree.
  9. Can't blame you at all, I'm doing the same thing (hopefully not in the literal sense though)

  10. I guess. I just really don't see the point of being 18, and having a girlfriend if you have absolutely no intentions on ever getting married. Why stick to one same girl when you can experience many different girls? I want to do all that before I stick to 1 girl the rest of my life.

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