Which LED lights for 4x8 Flowering Tent?

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  1. Hey guys, i was wondering what you would recommend when it comes to LED grow light set ups
    I was going to go for two Advanced platinum LED P1200, but in the reviews it says its not for tents because its too heavy. I was also thinking it might be overkill to get two for the space of a 4x8 tent.
    Which LED lights do you guys recommend for a 4x8 Tent with unlimited budget?
  2. the reviews ive seen on the platinum says it has a very large fail rate . unlimited budget i would get a cob set up . how much do you really want to spend on a led ? we can suggest one . if they cost more does not mean it will work better .
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    If money is really no object, I would definitely look at the 4 foot Kind Flowering bar lights, using 12 of them in the vertical position, 1 every 2 feet, 3 x 4. I setup a 4 x 8 grow room using those lights for a customer about 6 months ago, and I can say without a doubt, if you want to grow the best plants using led lighting, then vertical lighting using Kind lights grow beautiful plants with insane resin production. Oh yeah, and best off all is the fact that they actually 100% stand behind their lights. Seriously if you have any problem, they will fix it, no questions asked! They make vertical or over head lights! As a side note... I am not a fan of anything LED or COB, it's always been HID and will always be HID for me. And that simply because HID still grows the best bud to me. Yeah, I have tried well over two hundred different LED(s) and COB(s) and none of them watt for watt can give the results I get using HID and cheap $8.00 1K sylvania bulbs. And just to keep the flamers from flaming, I have nothing against anyone using what they want, I just prefer HID lighting, cause they work great for me!
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  4. im just looking for the best quality light that works well with a DWC system
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  5. ow the best money can buy in any light .. look into these . my opinion these are the very best money can buy. the spectrum is very good . there par is very good actually both are the best . buy 3 of the lec bulbs in a fixture. on like this . Philips Mastercolor CDM-T Elite 315W CMH Agro Lamp T12 - 3100ºK for Sale - Reviews, Prices, & More - GrowersHouse
    better then hps better then mh better then led better then cob . better then plasma . my opinion , Philips Mastercolor CDM-T Elite 315W CMH Agro Lamp T12 - 3100ºK for Sale - Reviews, Prices, & More - GrowersHouse
    Sun System LEC 315 120v Light Emitting Ceramic Metal Halide Fixture w/ Free R... | eBay
    look into these. there very costly you want the best . now i wonder if you will notice any difference from these and a 1000 watt hps , in real life is there a difference ? thats another question . i seen them in action . honestly i cant say if she was doing better then my old school hps .have different grow tactics . for got to say these are better then double ended bulbs as well . i read a lot of test reports .
  6. I've been running platinum for a couple of years. I like it but there is better leds on the market for cheaper now. If you wanted to flower with platinums in the entire 4x8 area the best layout would be 4 p600's. I have a p900 and it's not too heavy for a tent. The gorilla tents can take a p1200.

    I also grow in a 4x8 split in half. If you are vegging a 4x4 get 3 of these now there's only 3 left.
    HLG 65
  7. I've never had a problem with my p450 or p900 as far as the failure rate.
  8. Or two of these
    HLG 550
    20% off till tomorrow I believe
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  9. How many of the p1200's would i need for a 4x8 tent? would 2 be enough ? Would it also be better to just get more of the lower level ones? eg 4 p600's
  10. If you must go with platinums and you want to bud the entire 4x8 tent I think that 4 600's is the best setup for a nice spread on the light footprint. You can spread them better and further apart. A p1200 is exactly the same as 2 p600's taped together. Just like a p900 is two p450's.

    That said, I've been running platinums in my flower area for 2 years. They are a good light. I've done up to about .8 grams per watt with good potency but technology has moved very quickly in led grow lights. The platinum stuff is near $2 a watt. The qb 260 kits I linked you are what I just bought to replace my platinums. I feel like they are a fairly significant upgrade compared to p600 platinums and the qb260 is $325ea if you build the kit.

    I feel bad knocking them because they did grow me some really good weed but times change. I wouldn't buy them right now. This is a 270 watt qb260 running right next to a 515 watt platinum p900.
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  11. COB or QB,

    I run 3 - 400Watt Vero27 timber kit over my 4x8 flood table, Love them.
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  12. Awesome info man Im going to take your advice and go with the lights you recommended, How many HLG-550's would i need for a 4x8 grow tent? And I looked at chilLED and i was wondering if you thought they were a better option. Also do these radiate much heat? Cheers really appreciate your response
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  13. 1 HLG 550 for each 4x4 flower area so 2 for a 4x8. These lights can run surprisingly hot I would recommend a few clip on 6" fans for each light to help cool them and circulate exhaust fan air and a large exhaust fan setup. Possibly 8". These things put out the light of a 1000 watt hps each. They generate some heat and have no vented hoods. I've had problems cooling my QB260's at full boar for sure. They put out so much light there has to be some heat involved.
  14. Hurry and buy them while they are 20% off bro
  15. My White Rhino foxtailed into some forearm size colas. Probably the biggest I've grown. They were under the qb260 for about 2/3rds of the bud cycle. You can see one in the foreground of that picture. I'm going to start chopping it tomorrow or the next day.
  16. I'm smoking my qb bud right now and every time I pack a bowl I'm impressed. This is my highest quality harvest. The nugs are so dense. It's next level. There's barely any give to the uppermost buds. They're like rocks and burn forever but taste awesome with less then a week cure.
  17. How about the ChilLED gen 2 600 watt or the Black dog phytomax 2? i guess i only have till 12 until the 20% is off lol so im just trying to make sure i make the best choice. thanks everyone appreciate it
  18. U won't be let down with hlg bro. Look at led section on rollitup forums
    Qb grows all over
    Hard to beat their prices too
    Chilled led is real good too but when I checked they were way more expensive than hlg
    Depends on your funds

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