Which LED is better?

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    I could have either for around $200. The 270W for 195.

    Which one is the better one in terms for flowering/veg and overall use.

    Ones china made and ones American... i think one is 7 band and the Chinese is 9.

    Chinese 300W
    American 270W
  2. Why not just use both?
  3. Well technically i have two buyers who are solid on selling it and holding it for me.

    I just didnt know which one to pick.
  4. China made

    Spectrum of Light: 430~440nm, 450~475nm 620~630nm, 650~660nm, and white
    Real IR spectrum: 730nm (Technically 5 band?)

    American made

    90 x 3 watt LEDs, red 630nm /red 660/blue 430nm/blue 460nm/white 12000k/UV 390nm/IR 850nm

    This is another language to me haha
  5. I would stay away from both. Led lighting is a hard thing to get right and very few do get it right. It's still too early in the industry to sort out the crap from the good products. Invest in proven technology
  6. Really? Worst comes to worst ill use it for vegetative
  7. It will definitely help. The problem is that some don't have complete spectrums and on there own cant even grow weed or can only do a shitty job. They are cool as hell though.

    A $150 hps will be twice as good as either of those IMO
  8. I got a 400W HPS maybe ill just throw one next to it
  9. California light works only led worth buying or stick with HID

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    The 180 illuminator from pro-source is the best on the market in my opinion.The only problem is your grow room temp needs to stay between 80-85 degrees,and your humidity needs to stay at around 40%,when growing with led lights.If you can swing that,LED's are the only way to go.Save a bundle in electricity in the long run,and have the most potent buds as well.Also,the 180 can be used for veg. and bloom.Check out pro-source website,they also have a 90w UFO.
  11. First, I don't think that either of these are made in America.

    Second, either will work equally for you.

    Neither will work as well as HID lighting.

    If you do want one for veg, get one in the color spectrum for veg. They're perhaps best for this purpose, as they are only adequate for flowering. LED lights are great as a supplement to your HID lights though.

    This is based on my personal experience. I've used LED and HID in the past. I currently have both in my room now.
  12. California light works made in merica

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