Which is worse? 2 shitty scenarios...

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  1. I wonder if the answers will differ between blades n bladettes. Hmm... just play along guys! :-D A friend and I were discussing this.

    So you've been dating someone for a good long while. You eventually break up and its your fault. After some time you realize your mistakes;you really love this person and want to win them back.

    You try winning them back for close to a year but it doesn't work.

    Some time later someone really close to you confesses that they slept with that very same ex (but not while you were together) :eek: and when you ask why they give 1 of 2 answers

    Which answer do you think would be worse to hear?

    A. I developed legit feelings for this person and them for me. It all kinda just happened. It got out of control, but out of respect for you we're not pursuing it.


    B. I always thought they were hot and wanted to get some. I made them feel like I liked them to get it. It was just sex and a game for me.
  2. A sounds shittier
  3. I'd rather have B as the answer. A seems to imply an attraction that is still there.
  4. I would choose B.

    Either way if my EX fucked one of my buddys i'd probably be done wth both of them.
  5. I'd want A as the answer.

    If I can't have the person I can at least take solace in the fact that someone genuine was there to take what I wished would be my place.

    To know that this person tricked them and used them, I'd knock them the fuck out.
  6. i choose a.

    for real. if someone is just fuckin for sport on my (hypothetical) gf. then fuck that asshole.

    but if there were feelings involved then apparantly it wasn't meant to be anyway
  7. To the 1st 3 posters, team XY right?

    GurlyS well thats pretty obvious lol.

    I like that you guys are telling me why as well :)
  8. You've tried for a year to get this person back??? And she still doesn't want to date you??? You need to get over her and forget about the whole situation of someone else (regardless of WHO IT IS) sleeping with her. She is her own person and will do whomever she pleases. The 2 possible reasons you gave have no bearing on your life. Sorry to be so blunt.
  9. straal Im a chick! Lol Im not in this scenario but I know of two guys at odds cuz of the above.

    Guy A is the one with the ex he tried to get back for a yr. (I agree that he should let go)
    Guy B slept with the ex. He actually likes the chick a lot but told Guy A it was just sex.

    I know all involved and Im wondering why Guy B lied about his true feelings. I would think Guy A woulda been more understanding of true feelings rather than just wanting sex but Im not a man so...

    I noticed girlys is on the same pg as me and the guys that answered said true feelings would be worse lol

    why is that?
  10. LOL, well regardless of the genders of the people involved, I still stand by my statement. Its really nobody's business who sleeps with whom (especially since there was no relationship between A and the ex.), or the reasons that they give. But to play along......it would be worse to hear true feelings. Especially since he stopping out of respect for ME....wtf!

    But I have to say I have never been in this kind of situation first hand. I also have no issues with having an open relationship and by that extension...why the hell would i care with whom my ex is sleeping with. lol.
  11. I would definitely rather hear answer A. If I genuinely loved someone, I would want them to be happy - even if it was with someone I knew.
  12. A's fucked up because she was with you smiling in your face the whole time she had this thing on the side happening. I'd rather be betrayed in one act not over time.
  13. Yeah, but nobody can help who they fall for.

    It's not like anyone was intentionally betraying anyone.

    Now, if your friend was just using the girl you love and disrespecting you by intentionally just hurting you, wouldn't that be worse?
  14. It would suck, but I wouldn't consider it worse. I'd be more hurt by my girl doing that to me over time than my friend doing one fucked up thing.
  15. I guess A would be shittier, but neither are really that bad. If my friends fucked one of my exes I'd give them a fist bump and be done with it.

  16. Ha ha ha! ok strall you've been added to team feelings are worse. BUT WHY?! Lololololol
    I agree tho when Im done Im done I dont care who my ex fux... and even if it was someone close to me, itd be weird, but more power to whoever could deal with his ass

  17. thats sweet I agree with this

  18. what if it was a relative?

  19. Ohhhhh wow I didnt even think of it this way... Im starting to see why feelings could be worse to hear about... I cann assure you tho from "being in the know" lol the feeling didnt develop while the couple were together. it wasnt til after the break up

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