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Which is the most practical way to make (at home) a big batch of edibles?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by bronnka, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. I want to make 1 oz of bud into edibles that i can store and consume during the week. I live in a tiny apartment, i have lots of neighbors, small kids, old people, i don't mean to bother them with the smell, so i can only "cook" once a week maybe even less. Does any of you know a way to make that amount of weed into edibles in a single session?
  2. one method is to make a butter based spread chocolate even nuttela?
    that way you store the butter based spread in the fridge and smear on anything thru the week
    I do this by making weed cooking oil adding weed to canola
    and man it just runs out the door

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  3. Ohh great idea man! funky spread! i'll try that. Firecrackers are my fav edibles, easy to made and relatively fast, i haven't thought about infusing (if thats the word) a whole nutella jar.

    Thanks a lot! Have a good one!
  4. Decarb that jank at 240 for 40 at 2am when most the ppl who smell is asleep. Then stoveup low and toss butter in. Badabing!

    You can strain the leaf material out or not.

    Then use that butter for cookies and bam u got yourself edibles for the short future.
    Sounds like ull have plenty leftover if you go this route.

    Butter stash would be nice for cookin

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  5. Thank you, that's clever! it's kinda cool at night where i live so i guess everyone is sleeping with closed windows anyways.
  6. Baking bags will eliminate almost all of the weed smell generated while cooking.
    Once done put the bag in the freezer to let the gases cool and the aroma decrease.
    Cook a cover dish that mask the weed smell:
    Sauté onions and peppers
    Bacon or sausage
    Microwave popcorn, burn it if necessary to generate a stronger smell
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  7. I made bread last week, I'm new but still uncooked I finished in the microwave
    and nearly burnt my house down
    replaced m/w but smell still lingers

  8. Look at the thread "Hallucinating hash caps for hempheads" by @BrassNwood . This oil/caps can be used to infuse anything you want - from coffee, ice cream to potatos, bacon. You can store them for years by freezing them. They dont take much place and once you know your dose, every cap is one dose - pretty easy! A cap with 4 drops rips my ass off for the whole day. Give it a try!

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  9. I have Burnt Toast on purpose to mask the decarb great...!!!
  10. The least stinky method I've found is the "mason jar in a slow cooker" method.

    You still need to decarb, which creates a smell.

    But then you put the oil and decarbed herb in a sealed mason jar, and then put the mason jar in a slow cooker (crock pot) full of water. Then you can follow your favorite recipe that uses the "double boiler" technique.

    Zero odor (until you open the lid of the jar, yummy).
  11. 1 oz decarb 240@40mins
    Melt 810 grams of special dark chocolate
    (100 grams of chocolate per 3.5 grams of weed)
    Combine ground weed and chocolate and put into molds.
    My molds (bought off eBay) make chocolates that weigh 4 grams - little under

    You will make about 200 chocolates.
    Depending on weed strength and your tolerance - eating half ata time will last 4 hrs

    Keep them in the refrigerator -
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  12. I think I'm gonna try that today! Thanks for the simple-to-follow directions! I have an Ardent Nova for decarb so very little aroma gets out.
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  13. Just don’t over cook the chocolate in the microwave. - 30 seconds at a time and stir

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  14. Thanks for the advice!

    I like the size of your chocolates. What kind of candy mold did you use? The ones I have either seem too small or too large. I'll make it work, but getting the right size mold would make it so much easier. Thanks in advance!
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  15. I got some at micheals craft store and a bunch off eBay.
    The larger ones in the pic are alittle over 2x bigger then the smalls

    100 grams of chocolate to 3.5 grams of weed has always worked very well for me.
    The dark chocolate tastes the best to me. And it has a good fat content for bond with the weed

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  16. Perfect! Thanks!
  17. Have been thinking of a cannabread recipe myself! That or those capsules that are all to famous on the forums.

    Need an edible that doesnt clog my arteries (butter by the spoonful and sugar in cookie mix isnt helping)

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  18. chocolates.jpg
    I just finished making a batch of chocolates and will try one once they're solidified. The hardest part is trying to get them evenly sized. I bought the molds at Walmart. I think they're supposed to be for making ice cubes, but I knew I needed to get them for making edibles.

    I used 7 grams of (decarbed) herbs and 300 grams of chocolate (more chocolate than Jsaunders recipe calls for). 300 grams of chocolate ended up being 65 Hershey's Kisses - about 1 for each dose.
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  19. I have tried adding half a cup of cannabis seed to the mix does add serious oil to your diet..?

    I'm on a pause at the mo...friends think I'm crazy
    as bread here has never been cheaper
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  20. Decarb = 240 F for 40 minutes (uncovered)

    5 grams Cannabis, Kief, Hash, Concentrates, Powdered Buds.
    2.5 teaspoons Coconut oil (any cooking oil works)
    1/2 teaspoons Lecithin. (improves bioavailability)
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Freeze (softens gritty mouth feel)
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes (Skip if you didn't freeze)

    Can scale up as much as needed. Extend cooking times to 40 minutes if your doing a cup of oil or more.
    Dosing can vary from under 1 drop to a full capsule like I need (25 drops) Just 1 drop of this made with kief is 10x to much for ultra low dose users like my wife.

    The finished oil can be added to virtually anything edible. Add to the oil called for in Cookies, Brownies, Add to Chocolate. The sky is the limit.

    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads

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