Which is the best?

Discussion in 'General' started by Green Salad, May 23, 2006.

  1. Which is the best, Ninjas, Vikings or Pirates? If you had to be one, which would it be? I'm stoned as fuck and can't decide...
  2. Vikings are badass.. so are the rest but.. the vikings are huge
  3. Ninjas.

    Seriously, are you kidding yourself? they'd just slice the pirates and vikings in half.

    'sides, the vikings and pirates are just sea-faring fags.
  4. Ninjas.

    they would slice the viking and pirates in half without a doubt.

    pirates and viking aren't sneaky, they are loud and obnoxious and steal from everyone.
  5. Pirates are cool, and I like rum. Arghhhh
  6. Haha...alot of ninja fans. They were pretty lethal (plus had loads of cool weapons), but maybe not as fun-loving as the pirate/viking option. Being scottish (and therefore descended from the Celts who were descended from the vikings) I'm feelin the slant toward Viking. Still think pirate would be cool though...
  7. Yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Pirates be searchin for the Booty.
  8. check out this band.. atleast the lyrics. . amon armath .. there viking-core? (made up name by friends).. some crazy lyrics about war and shit haha omg thats why i wanan be them!!

  9. I would say vikings man they were fucking hard core. Plus I just like their hats. HAHA! JOE>
  10. pirate for sure!! ninja's are pretty cool too. but i would have to go with the pirate!:D
  11. Yeah viking hats were awesome. Plus they could just pull the horns off and fill them with beer!! Heres an example of this in action!!

  12. pirates. why? the sodomy, of course! :smoke:

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