Which is more plausible?

Discussion in 'General' started by bkadoctaj, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Corruption or incompetence.
  2. Corruption

    No one wants to believe that anyone in a position of power is unqualified or incompetent
  3. Incompetence. Corruption takes some form of intellegence.
  4. Depends on what lense we cynics use to view humanity through: People are inherently evil, or people are inherently stupid. Depending on my mood, it's one or the other. Sometimes both. :hello:

    Stupid people are capable of evil. The Puritans, Nazi Germany, and John McCain, for example.
  5. Good people are capable of evil. Isn't that the lesson of God/gods?
  6. That was an extra dry martini in a hookah bar funny!

    The Most corrupt people can still act stupid. Hiding behind the inability of others to fathom the evil that you've done, is as common as flagpins in this country.
  7. Hitler was a genius. He just used it for the wrong things. What I meant was to get away with corruption, you have to be at least a little smart

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