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  1. i no that smoking is alot better for your health than alcohol but whenever i argue this people always say "ya but u smoke everyday and u only get drunk 1-2 times a week"

    so whats more healthy?? smoking .5g a day? or getting drunk 1-2 times a week.
    im guessing smoking but why??
  2. neither of them are "healthy"

  3. key word: MORE healthy
  4. Ethanol is toxic, that's why. You don't have to search far to find numerous studies showing kidney and brain damage from alcohol use and abuse.

    On the other hand, the very few studies/experiments that we have on cannabis show it to reverse the effects of brain damage CAUSED by alcohol. I am sure Granny will post several articles, probably before I even get this posted, but you get the idea.
  5. smoking is healthier as it has very minimal long term health implications while alcohol has both long and short term terrible health implications even if you are only doing it 1-2 times a week. also you are consuming a shit load of alcohol at a time rather than spreading an 1/8th out through the week. if you were to smoke or vape...there would be ZERO long OR short term health problems tied to you smoking and there would be no argument.

  6. I'd agree with this.

    Studies about alcohol use have been going back and forth for years now, but the back and forth is always about whether something like 1 glass of wine a day is healthy or not.

    Pretty sure every study about drinking enough to get drunk has shown that it's pretty unhealthy. :p

    I'm unsure if there's ever been a study showing whether smoking a half gram a day will damage your lungs or not, but I can't imagine it would be as bad for you as binge drinking a couple nights a week. :confused:

  7. They actually just refuted the idea of a glass a wine a day for its anti-oxidizing properties. You need to consume much more antioxidants orally to get any type of noticable effect, not just in wine but it's been shown that green teas and vitamin waters are nearly bupkis, and at that point the sugar you'd receive and ethanol would far outweigh any positive benefits.
  8. ^Drink all natural grape juice ya bafoons.

    Stop legitimizing your addiction.

  9. Yeah, and in a year or two they'll have a study refuting that study. :laughing:

    It seriously seems like every year for the past decade or so has been "A glass of wine a day is good for you."
    "Wait, a glass of wine a day is NOT good for you."
    "Just kidding, a glass of wine a day is totally good for you."
    "That guy is lying, it's not good for you!"
    "Don't listen to him, it's totally good for you."
    "STFU, jerk!"
    "NO, YOU!"
  10. All I know is that the French knock back gallons of the stuff, and, on the whole, their attitude to drinking is much better than the British 'let's go out to get absolutely slaughtered', and they seem to live a good number of years older than the geriatrics in the UK. Its really pretty common to have people in their nineties still going on strong.

    Admittedly, its hardy a scientific observation, but its interesting all the same.

    As for toking, surely one can still develop smoking related illnesses like bronchitis or other things? I suppose one doesn't smoke ganja in the amounts that one does when someone is a cigarette smoker, but it still is introducing foreign particles into ones lungs and that doesn't sound like the best defintion for calling something 'healthier'...

    My 2p worth anyhow.

  11. True. It's a hard matter to really pinpoint. I won't say it's not good for you, but I do doubt the benefits they claim it may have. I have a hard time believing small amounts of antioxidants have a substantial effect on the body. *shrugs* Although there are benefits to not drinking it, such as less sugar intake and less alcohol intake :p.

  12. They say there are benefits to beer, though, don't they? :confused:

    I don't even know for sure, I just know that my dad-in-law drinks non-alcoholic beer for the "health benefits" so I figured... :p

  13. Hops can be pretty good for you. You can add hops to canna edibles if your starting material lacks trepenoids (the chemicals that are responsible for the smell of marijuana and for enhancing the effects of marijuana. if youre familiar with eating magos, they contain the trepene mycrene which helps intensity the effects of the cannaboids). I wouldn't drink any form of alcohol reguarly though, just a personal choice of mine. I don't feel the benefits would outweigh the negatives.

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