which is faster?

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  1. I am currently on like my 8th grow and still loving it. My question is as follows... which is faster soil grow or hydroponic grow. I ask because all of my grows have been soil grows and take about 2 to 3 months at least. Or is it neither is faster just hydroponic is more dank? Thanks for any help guys :)

    Toby Mac
  2. if you get in sync with the needs of your strain you can definitely finish sooner with hydro.... it's just a much more controlled combination of water, nutrients and air that you can deliver to your roots. ..... but it just goes faster with hydro, it's not that you get better weed from one or the other.....
  3. your veg period will be faster..
    4 weeks veg in hydro will be a much bigger plant than 4 weeks in soil..

    but flowering is the same.. a 10 week flowering strain will take 10 weeks regardless.

    as far as hydro being more "dank" i donno about all that..

  4. yep... I forgot to mention my reasonment was applying to vegging.... :wave:

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