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Which is better to receive during a deal: Nugs or ground up?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CVV1, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. I've been smoking for 9 months now and have become curious lately:

    Is it better to get ground up bud or nugs when you buy? Or does it make no difference whatsoever.

  2. nugs always. i never buy shake unless its dank shake for like 20 and eighth
  3. Personally, I prefer shake (ground up). When I pack it tight into a bong, it hits better and burns longer.
  4. Ok, here is the best bet from somebody who has been there.

    If the dude weighs it infront of you, and you see no seeds or stems. Ground up is the way to go. Nuggets can have stem and seed heaven, inside the green, so you never know.

    If its pre-weighed, regardless, take the nug, odds are you'll get ripped.
  5. Hmmm that's kind of a hard one. I have heard many people say that nugs are always better, but that seems weird to me, because if you get a dank bag of shake that weighs, aren't you getting more weed because of the absence of stems? Anyway, I'm happy with either one, long as it's dank.
  6. Always nugs.
  7. nugss

    there nice to look at, and it wont dry up as fast as nugs would

    its fun breaking them up too ;)
  8. i like nugs more. i always love getting a sack and pulling off the tips of the buds first and smoking those, thats really the only reason i like them more though.
  9. Shake sucks, go for the nugs :smoking:
  10. It really depends on the individual sack, if you're buying just a "ten" of shake, you're probably better off with trying to find nugs because they probably ground up the original nug and kept the keif, if you're buying shake by the gram, it's more logical because your getting however many grams of plain smoking material, no extra weight thrown in. From experience, it's harder for me to tell if the weed is good if it's not in nug form, I like nugs better just as a personal preference because I can tell if it's light or dense, super dank, or leafy.
  11. lol i doubt anyone would want to buy shake, and even if they did why?
  12. #12 nomel90, Sep 11, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 11, 2009
    If you're referring to shake then I would opt for that if it was cheaper. However with dank nuggetry you don't have to worry about many seeds/stems (chances are there wont be any) so nugs are always my number one choice.

    If you're talking about ground up bud, like from a grinder, then I would probably not get that. Just because I like to break up my green differently for each way I smoke it. (eg, grind up for blunts, break up little "nugs" for bowls, etc.)
  13. nugs are always better. chances are they will have higher potency than shake, and a bag of shake looks like more than a bag of nugs when in reality it is actually less weight.
  14. nuggs always! the first time i attempted to buy weed in 8th grade, i had no idea what i was doing, and this kid sold me fucking grass. like actual grass. i was such a dumbass. when i found out i beat the absolute shit out of that kid. after that, i never talked to him again.

    anyways: nuggs:hippie:
  15. I love nugs and they usally have higher potency, but nugs can have stems making them way less so u get less weed. So watever u prefer
  16. Wasn't there a thread just like this yesterday?
  17. I do. Because Nuggs contain Stems and seed. The only time I buy shake is when they weigh it infront of you and there is no stems and seeds.

    That way, you get a 7 gram quarter of smokeable weed. Not the 5.5-6 nugs with stems and seeds.

    Its common sense guys.
  18. for me:
    shake = more to smoke but less potent (dealer takes the kief)
    nugs = less to smoke because of stems and seeds but more potent
  19. not ALL nugs have seeds you know ^_^

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