Which is better: PC or Mac

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  1. Right now im looking into getting a laptop because i need one for school, though i cant decide to get either a pc or mac, and since i basically have little to no knowledge of computers i figured id ask you guys on your opinions. i want a pc because pretty much every program and such would be compatible with it, but i dunno bout that vista, and macs, i jsut dont get those computers at all, but they seem to run better. i dunno what are the advantages and disadvantages of both?
  2. Free iTouch right now with the MacBook (I love my MacBook), you can keep it or sell it for $250;
  3. Choosing a computer really depends on what you want to do with it. If the programs you want to use don't work well on a Mac, then do not get a mac. I do not like Vista much at all, and most computers come with that installed unfortunetly. Still, you may be able to find XP somewhere. As for prices, for my needs, Macs cost much more and deliver much less.

    Of course the third, and my favorite option, is to install Linux.
  4. yea but i can get discounts with dell, so i dunno whats better, cheaper computer or itouch, though i do need a new ipod sorta thing mines full

    thanks for the link to the other thread
  5. Any new college student can get 300 dollars off of any purchase of a mac computer and a free iPod Nano. Sounds like a win in my book.
  6. peep the sig...says it all!

    but i am getting a little bullshit pic, the MSI Wind. but its so sick and cheap
  7. A program on mac's.. called Boot Camp, let's you run windows on your mac. I'm not sure if you'd have to buy vista/xp separately, but you would be able to run any programs on your mac.
  8. Uh - unless you know someone that works there. I would DEFIANTLY NOT recommend dell. They will rape you when it comes to payments. They posted most of my payments late... And I always sent them in on time. You can't do shit about it. The first call I ever made to dell, I talked to an American lady. Very friendly.

    After that, it was mono-toned over-seamen. I'm not racist, by any means, but we had language-related conflicts.
  9. I personally only prefer Macs if I'm doing anything to do with graphics and art. For that, they are very good.
    But, I couldn't see myself using a Mac for everyday use again. For that, I will stick to my PC.

    A bit of a devil's advocate, but I hope, depending on your overall purpose, this helps a bit.
  10. If you do get a PC, stick with XP. Vista is diarrhea sauce.
    Chain stores and sites like Dell (which you should avoid anyway) probably don't sell rigs with XP anymore but most custom-build PC sites that I've checked out in the last couple weeks still have it as an option.

    But yeah, get a Mac if you plan to do video/graphic editing. Get a PC if you plan to play games. If you're not planning to do either of those with it (i.e. it's just for school stuff and general web browsing) then I'd just get a PC, it will probably cost less.
  11. Get a MacBook. I'm on one right now lol. Besides the better OS (Leopard>>>>>Vista)
    Security is a lot better, so that's good when on a Wi Fi connection.
  12. I'm in need of a new laptop too... I have it narrowed down to either a Dell or a Mac. You can get a similar student rebate for both... although Apple also throws in the iTouch.

    Also, I've heard that there's still a way to order a Dell that's been downgraded from Vista to XP. Anyone know anything about this? Can't find it on their website.

    My only major problem with getting a Mac is that they're so expensive. If you want to get a graphics card and more RAM, you're gonna be paying over $2000. A Dell with similar stats would be much, much cheaper.
  13. Also... don't ever buy a Gateway, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, or Sony... they're all pretty much pieces of shit.
  14. Man, I got a Macbook Pro and its a pretty good computer.

    I built two Windows PCs before this purchase so I was a pro PC dude for a long time before I made the switch.
  15. yes you can run programs through boot camp (a program you buy or download) or you can install windows on your mac using a split startup option. Or a program called parallels that lets you actually open up a window within mac that contains windows xp or vista, allowing you to control all other functions of your mac at the same time

    i have a new macbook pro, and i love it
    it gives more control to the user, no stupid settings, hidden files, dumb shit like that and ive never had trouble freezing
    if a program doesn't work the rest of your computer will so you can multi task with efficiency
  16. MAC for sure. I had a few PCs; packard bell, dell, gateway, sony, and some shitty unknown ones. Then a relative gave me a G4 sawtooth and fell in love. The whole computer snapped open with a pull of a button, so you can add or remove memory (etc) within seconds, no tools needed. Never heard of a mac user getting a virus either. I sold that 8 year old G4 for 800 bucks, just the comp, in the first day of the ad. I also have no problems playing any games on my apple laptop.
  17. the real question should be what OS is better, windows vista or OS X?

    Mac FTW.

    Microsuck ftL.

    and why the fuck would anyone want to taint their mac with windows?

    I'm happy to say that I have zero Microsoft OS's running.
  18. [​IMG]

    Shampoo is better!

    No, conditioner is better!

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