Which is better? Extacy or Cocaine?

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  1. Hey I have a real quick question for you, which is a better drug cocaine or extacy? I have never done coke but i have thizzed 2x and i loved it. By better I mean in very aspect. Like the process of getting high, the high itself, and the comedown. Everything
  2. MDMA is much better imo. It lasts longer, a lot less addictive potential and way more emotional.
  3. I agree, coke makes people a bit arrogant where ex is just brilliant,a pure love buzz...
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    I think coke, even good coke, is no where near as good as proper ecstasy... :)

    I don't much like coke..I think a lot of the time it sort of numbs people and turns them into assholes.

    And the comedown can be very, very shitty.
  5. personally im a fan of coke. i like the euphoria coke brings to me. plus i have never become an arrogant prick like some ppl do. and i think the comedown is tollerable.

    however coke lasts no where near as long as some good molly
  6. x lasts longer and the high is more enjoyable then coke
  7. Havent dont x, but Coke is some goood shit.

    Remember its a sign that either your, A) to rich, or B) to broke.

    its addictive. so be carefull

    PS. being numb and the feeling of godliness is amazing. Cocaine is the best thing ive ever done, yet the hardest to put down.
  8. ecstacy for sure. i love that shit. coke isn't a drug i will ever touch though
  9. XTC FTW!!!!

    fuck coke tried it like 2 times just super hyper and wanna do shit
  10. in my opinion ecstacy is waaaay better.. but coke was still always good to me. I don't really like coke now a days unless I mix it with alcohol, then it's really good.
  11. I'd say neither, but since that wouldn't be helpful at all... I'd go with E. Coke is just a waste of your money/time. and the comedown is horrible.
  12. ecstasyyyyyy!!! i've never had the awesome experiences on coke that i do on e.
  13. x2.
  14. Thizz iz what it iz.

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