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Which is better a zong loaded with snow or with ice?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tbitty Legend, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Love to hear what everyone thinks. I have always preferred snow as it seems to cool the smoke even more than ice. I also like to use cold filtered water.
  2. ugh snow bongs all day <3 so magical
  3. Would smoke go through the snow?
  4. It does in the best way possible. Used to live in salt lake and fill it to the brim! Are you from the south?
  5. Never seen snow, but I imagine it would drag harder than RuPaul.
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  6. Snow is full of air pockets, so it passes through quite nicely
  7. Theres more volume from the snow so theoretically it should be cooler when you take rips.
  8. Something that's not a zong.
  9. I love ice for day to day but with a fresh snow fall i'll use snow! :D
  10. Snow = more coverage (more surface area)

    Ice = longevity (doesn't melt as fast)

    So whatever sounds better to you. :wave:
  11. #11 suedeloser666, Jan 15, 2013
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    Obviously, lol.

    Edit: Such an awesome idea, never lived in a place where this is an option. But now that I'm in a place where there's snow, it's the mildest winter ever. Lol, wtf...
  12. definitely snow the smoke goes right through
  13. Guys finally got some snow here and it was zong o rific. So happy and so high.
  14. I love Zong's so what is wrong with a zong?
  15. More surface area = cooler smoke.

    Therefore the smaller the ice cubes that you use, the cooler your smoke. Just think of snow like little snowflake sized ice cubes. ;)

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