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Which is better a 21 day tolerance break or 28 day tolerance break?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Landpm, Mar 21, 2023.

  1. So I do about 50 to 100 mg on Saturday and Sunday.So only twice weekly. Im planning on a tolerance break and wondering if I should take a 21 day break or 28 days?
  2. I wouldn't even bother.
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  3. why?
  4. It's not a large amount you're ingesting. I used to smoke a 1/4 a day without tolerance breaks for 10 years, eventually it was needed but twice a week 100mg i don't think it's necessary.
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  5. Ive been using daily for 22 years without a tolerance break lol.
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  6. Have you ever had a week off like on a family trip or something? I couldn't smoke around my parents on camping trips so I'd get the occasional break here and there.
  7. Just stopped when I was in a illegal state and my guys didn't have any. However I'd always save roaches and resin, so minimal time off if any. I'd stretch what I had out when needed
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  8. I only smoke about a half gram a day, when I take a break I take a 3 day break. Works great for me!

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