Which is best soil from walmart?

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  1. I went to buy foxfarm from local garden supply store 25.00 the bad, then I went to Amazon and with shipping almost 40.00. I am looking for something inexpensive and good since they told me many times no miracle grow. Please help me selecting which soil should i get from this selections. My plants and I will appreciate. Thanks

    1504013203992.jpg 1504013210892.jpg 1504013214791.jpg 1504013218686.jpg 1504013223759.jpg 1504013232354.jpg 1504013243393.jpg

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  2. Honestly, you shouldn't buy any soil from wal-mart. Do not ever get that nature's care crap. I bought it and got infested with fungus gnats. The soil never dries out. Your best option there might be the pro-mix with Mycoactive. Means it will have mycorrhizal fungi in the soil I think. I would still add aeration to it and amend it if needed. You can always water organic nutes into.
  3. Ya I don't recognize any besides promix. Should be plenty of info on here about it

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  4. Ok, thanks. Do you know a inexpensive soil or medium which I can use for garden supply, home depot, or lowes?

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  5. Are you wanting to grow organic, or will you be using bottled nutrients?
  6. I'll like something that already has nutrients on if no I'll use bottle nutrient no organic for now

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  7. Organic produces good yields and pests are a possibility with any kind of setup. If you want to use bottled nutrients, you need to do some more research before you spend any money. Grow Weed Easy - Learn How to Grow Cannabis. That's a great resource. You want a soil/medium without any nutrients in it. You control the nutrients as you go. You need to know about pH, ppm and other stuff to use bottled nutrients correctly and be able to make adjustments as your plants need. Organic is a lot simpler. You mix the right ingredients together to make your soil, then let it "cook" or activate and then you water it. You can add stuff later but for the most part all you have to do is water it. That's what I'm gonna do on my next grow. I've already got the soil cooking.

    Do some more research and figure out what you want to do. Each kind of growing is different. See which method fits you the best.
  8. Avoid soils with pre-added fertilizers...whether they be organic or chemical. They are not formulated for cannabis and once you jump on the train there is NO getting off. In short, when you have a problem in a pre-mixed soil you have little recourse to fix it.

    If you can make it to WalMart you can make it to a grow store or local nursery (less visibility if that is a concern) to find some decent potting mix.

    good luck
  9. Exactly. If it's in there it will be listed on the back label.

    Of all the bags you showed...and I will say upfront I've never used it.....I'd go with the "Just Natural" with guano and worm castings if you cannot source something else. Buy a bag of perlite as well and make the mix "lighter" so it drains well. Start your veg cycle without nutes for a few weeks and see how things go.

    good luck
  10. The only good one there is pro mix, but it's probably one of the first batches pro mix made, just powder now. Wally World quality :sneaky:
  11. My Walmart has Promix Veg, and Seedling formula, with No Fert added, Mycorrhiza, Calcitic/Dolomitic Lime, is also a light airy mix, and wont compact.
  12. I think I'm gonna try promix, but I'll drive to the garden supply store first see what they got. Promix is very affordable

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  13. some home depots started carrying black magic soil it works decent and is designed for our grows
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  14. Cool I'll pass by home depot and check. I'm looking something like that home depot or walmart those garden shop are small and not many people go in there I feel weird buying in those places lol

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  15. I check black magic I kind of want to stay low key so that's a no no for me

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  16. lmao oh yeah they will not have a clue what your growing the packaging of black magic is really discrete haha [​IMG]
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