Which inline ashcatcher should I buy?

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    Hey blades, I'm visiting some family out of state and I decided to take a t-break while I'm here. I decided that I'll use the money I saved from buying bud to buy an ashcatcher. I've found two that are in my price range, but I can't decide if I should spend a little bit more on one that looks like it's a bit higher quality glass or one thats gridded.

    #1 is made by Cascadia Glass. It's 32 mm tall and has 12 gridded slits for a total of 24 diffusion holes. I'm not 100% on what type of glass it's made of. And it costs $75 with shipping.
    #2 is made by ouroboro. 4-5 inches tall. It's made of borosilicate glass and has 13 slits for diffusion. It costs $91 with shipping. It also comes with a free ice pinch bowl.
  2. The first one if you already have a good slide. Looks like a better build, although it would be nice to know what you are throwing the ashcatcher on.
  3. I have 20 inch Weed Star straight tube. 5mm. It came with a bowl that can hold about a g, but it has a giant hole. I also have a WS flutsch bowl from gc.
  4. Cool, that tube has a 45 degree downstem, not a 90 degree, so these ashcatcher aren't the best option look for one that 45 degrees like such:
    Just an example, the joint (part that connects to the downstem) should be at a forty five degree angle, instead of straight up and down.
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    The first one says that it's 45 degrees. The second one doesn't specify, I'll take a look at that link, thanks mate.

    Edit: looked at the link, its just that I'm not crazy about how those kind look to be honest. But ouroboro makes that kind for about $60.
  6. Haha, my bad man, I'm too high for this nonsense, the first one would be perfect then, I'd save up for a new downstem and a new bowl too, what the downstems measurements?

  7. Not too sure on the length, and I can't measure since it's not with me. I'll try to find out online, it's a weed star Mahoney. And it came with a diffused downstem, open ended with like 6 slits I think. 18.8 mm. I'm not really to worried about getting a new bowl, I'd rather try to get something that adds some diffusion.
  8. I like #2 but i know little on ashcatchers.
  9. Get the first one...
  10. I would go with #1, looks a little less draggy + gridded slits are always a plus.
  11. cascadia does quality work, and i'm sure i've seen him lurking around here before. if only the can was a bit fatter. but, i had a similar set up a while back. 18" straight tube, inline a/c and a lw 6 arm downstem. hit soo smooth dude, by far the smoothest rip i've ever had.
  12. I have the second one ( name brand kooch)

    and it's bomb has that extra little peice at the top (unlike the first one)
    and the smoke funells / spins in there lol

  13. I have the first one pictured works excellent, the glass is pretty thick for the price and great diffusion, zero problems with this piece. Bought a j-hook adapter for it as well so now its an ash catcher and a bubbler heh, I'd go with the first one since I already have it :p
  14. i would go with the second one. depending on what kind of tube you have, the nasty ashy water will pour over into your main chamber when you clear. you want some kind of a splash guard in there.
  15. Thanks for the input guys, I guess I'll be ordering the first one as soon as I get the chance. I'll try to take a milk vid of it with my iPod and put it on here as soon as I get it. Hopefully the video quality won't be horrible.

  16. i agree you don't want water running down from your ashcatcher into the main chamber...i got a wildrok inline and love it!

    2nd one has a better splash gaurd...if you look on most high end inline ashcatchers they always have some type of splash guard/water blocker haha

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    I sent Cascadia Glass a message asking if he'd be able to blow one with a splashguard. I also asked ouroboro yesterday, and he said that he has both 90 and 45 degree so that wouldn't be a problem. If cascadia can blow one with a splashguard I'll definitely be buying that one. I'll update when I get a reply.

    Edit: looks like cascadia took all of his stuff off of artfire, so it looks like I have to settle with ouroboro.
  18. Sorry about the double post, but I wanted to update you guys. I changed my mind, and I decided to hit up SSFG and I ordered a showerhead pillbottle, so I'll post a milk of that when I get back.
  19. I have a worked gridded cacadia and its the shit. Stacks like a mofo I highly recommend it

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