Which indoor strains finish the fastest?

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  1. What strains are fastest to finish from seed to harvest. I am still looking for good quality and yield. Or am I stuck flowering for 9-10 weeks like I am now to get good results??
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    Go here:


    To search seeds. The different companies will list the flower times for each strain. Indica varieties are your best bet. Indicas generally take 8-10 weeks flower, some as few as 7.

    Also, ATTITUDES seed company (one of the last links) seems to be your best bet there, too.

    You can also look at the Autoflower strains...it's less yield/decent quality for about 15 total weeks/grow...that's about half the time it takes for a normal strain.

  3. delicious seeds have some pretty fast flowering indicas
    about 50-65 days:wave:
  4. Kaya Gold from Nirvana-shop is swift =]
  5. Thanks for the info. I have learned to ask people about thier personal exp. with diff. strains. The seed banks are not very honest or mabey just not accurate on the flowering times of thier strains. If they say 8-9 weeks you better figure 9-10 weeks or even longer. I would love to see 50% amber tri's in eight weeks but no luck yet..

  6. Thanks for the +rep, dude. You're right about asking about personal experience. Best to search around the journals here on GC pretty heavily and figure out what's going on with people, ya know.
    Some strains actually do show amber trichs at 8 weeks, but it all depends on the strain and then it's individual phenotype. So...good luck, bro. Like I said before, you may want to check into some auto-flowers. I've seen some damn fine results from those in a short amount of time.
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    lowlifes lowryder x ak47 are supposedly completed from seed to harvest in a total of 70 days or thereabouts, ive just planted 25 of the little blighters under 2, 400 watt hps`s into cana coco growing medium using nutes of the same brand name, i cannot confirm nor deny lowlifes claims at this point in time to be true, but heres hoping, also this is under a 22\2 light regime

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