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Which incense to hide smell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Mdzthatsme, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Hey all, i was just wondering what scent of incense is the best to hide the weed smell.
    i have heard patchouli is the best, but what is your opinion? or does it even really matter?
  2. i believe as long as they are quality incense sticks, it doesn't really matter what scent it is. i enjoy patchouli and citrusy stuff though
  3. Everyone will tell you "Nag Champa"
    they do smell good but there overrated as hell

    any incense will work though
    i make my own
  4. Works everytime

  5. ^^^

    True, I have used many times, and prevailed
  6. Nag Champa
  7. I'm a Nag Champa fan for order control too, although if you burn white sage it covers ANY smell. Some people might question the smell of the sage though. ::shrug:: Kinda baked so that might not make a whole lot of sense.

    Off to eat my ice cream before it melts!!:hello:
  8. all work pretty good if you get the right ones. I get the 2 foot long thick ones the that you find middle eastern people selling at gas stations or dollar stores. They burn for about 3 hours and they smell pungent. And the incense lingers in my room for at least a day or two, so i don't have to use one every time. and using a bong will help alot and so will the length of time you hold in the smoke.
  9. I was gonna say NAGCHAMPA cause i love it but idk. any will work just dont get the cheap kind thats like $.50 cause they smell really bad. And yeah cannabis would probably cover up the smell pretty well, or atleast give you a good excuse.... Just do it out side and spray some cologne or axe. o, and besides incense febreeze works well too
  10. ugh I hate nag champa... It's strong and will cover the smell of weed but I can't personally enjoy the smell.

    I got this stuff from a head shop here in Charlotte called "fizzy pop" and it smells sooooo fuckin' good. Smells like a soda float or something
  11. Holy shit. You just reminded me about that. I think we got the same shit. Headshop by me has a bunch of their own incense and all smell VERY good. I think ive had fizzy pop too tho. NagChampa is good tho, but i prefer it once the smoke is gone, just the smell it leaves behind.
  12. yea ive noticed that some incenses i love while they burn, but hate the smell they leave behind, and vice versa. nag champa is not super appealing to me while its burning, although ive gotten used to it. but the scent it leaves behind is orgasmic. my room smells like a headshop
  13. yep^ i think i might just not like mine when they burn cause theyre old. I need to get fresh ones! but deffinatley, i remember fizzy pop smelling really good.

  14. I agree that the after smell is by far better than the burning smell. I don't dislike Nag Champa while it's burning, but the lingering smell smells so much....sweeter I guess.
  15. incense does cover up the weed smell, but the reason alot of people burn it is to cover up the smell of weed, i got caught once like that :rolleyes:
  16. :hello:hell yes that's my favorite.
  17. Forget incents. Go for


    1-2 sprays the smell is gone. and it smells like lemons.

  18. I've been caught that way also, but I assure you that it does definitely cover up chronic smell....
    I prefer Nag Champa "super hit" In the black box. Actually very pleasant.
  19. Just like Ducky said, Ozium works the best. I use it all the time.
  20. Or just don't smoke indoors if at all possible. If you smoke in your room get one of these AIR WICK
    Also, a liquid potpurri burner thing with apple cinnamon oil is great. It's fantastic because otherwise my room will smell like a rugby game and moldy towels lol.

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