which hydroponic nutrients to use?

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  1. hey im new to using hydroponics(using bubble jug technique) and am about to start up. kinda confused on what nutrients to use to feed my plants. Heard good reviews on the "Grow, Micro, Bloom" from Advanced nutrients. Any help would be great-- also if anyone has some advice on additives and boosters. thanks alot!
  2. Advanced Nutrients hands down. As far as additives, my favorites are Superthrive for veg, then Big Bud (AN), and Cha Ching (Fox Farms) for flowering.
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    From what I have read, the easiest and most reliable is General Hydroponic's Flora series with Lucas Formula. It kind of seems to be a standard, some nutes might be better but you will get good results with them. Follow Lucas formula, it seems easy enough, and you'll be on your way... Tons of people use it with AMAZING results, I have yet to get into hydro, but if I did, I would try them first then maybe I would try something else. Seems to me to be tried and true.
  4. if you want super ease of things (or are too scared to f*ck things up) try ionic grow/bloom
    really easy to use and they seem fool proof
  5. thanks alot, i think im going with the "grow, micro, bloom" from advanced nutrients and use the "big bud" for the flowering stage also. fluffy, white rhino buds here i come lol :D

  6. imo, advanced nutes are over priced. I use GH's newer nova series. instead of a 3 part nute, its a 1 part nute. much easier to use.

    they have novagrow for veg stage and novabloom for flowering.

    6ml of grow or bloom will equal the 8/16ml of the lucas formula.

    a qt runs about $18 and goes along way. its PH buffered for 5.8-5.9. the only thing I use in addition to novagrow and bloom is silica. 3ml per gallon once a week.

    my grows are healthy and robust.

    just trying to save you some cash.

    ill stack my bud up against some advanced nute grown bud anyday of the week.

  7. ok, do you have a link to website where i can check them out and maybe buy? im using a 2 gallon jug right now for one single plant so how many quarts would i need to buy of each to last through at least one full plants life cycle (from seedling or clone to full maturity). care to indulge me in any pictures of your buds using this forumula? i appreciate the help

  8. yo dude, if your only growing 1 plant that quart will last through to your next and depending on your mix you might even get to the 3rd. your veg nutes will last a few cycles, but your flowering nutes will be eaten up depending on a lot of factors. I personally don't use any of those products mentioned, but i have been around the block a few time and personally prefer Botanicares pro line of organics, just because organic buds just taste better. but, since those products are not available in my area i use Canna HydroFlora, with Hydroguard, Technofloras maG supplement, for blooming i use Canna HydroBloom, and Technofloras maG supplement. when those are gone i think i will try the lucas formula. if you want to see real results with any of these i mentioned check out my current grow and also check out Rumpleforeskins grow.
  9. You're right about the Grow, Micro, and Bloom being great nutrients. Works awesome for me.

    And if you like the idea of the Lucas formula, it works even better with AN's stuff.
  10. I thought Grow, Micro, Bloom, is a GH not AN. I have GH Grow, Micro, Bloom and I don't even use the GROW. I only use the Micro and Bloom using the LUCAS formula of 0-5-10 under floros and 0-8-16 under HPS. I have so far never burnt a plant, never had a PH problem and grow all the way through without a res change. The nutes are very affordable and so far I have had good results.
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    General Hydroponics "Flora Nova" Bloom & Grow are among the best, & easiest to work with. Add some "Kool Bloom" during flowering & you got a very productive harvest ahead of you.

    They produce great results, & are affordable. It is a very easy 1 part mixing process.

    I tried a grow with Advance Nutrients a couple times, & found no difference whatsoever...except my wallet was much, much lighter. It is a gimmick.

    Another MJ additive I swear by is "Hygrozyme". It promotes a healthy, bacteria free growing medium, while adding necessary enzymes.
  12. anyone use the FloraNova grow/Bloom for soil? I need some help on how mcuh per gal/quart of water to mix for some babies of mine... help please?
  13. AN has a Grow Micro & Bloom 3-part too. I like it better for using with the Lucas Formula.

    I don't know why you got the results you did, but it's not a gimmick. It def works for me. I get bigger and denser buds than I used to, enough so to more than justify the extra cost. I'm not the only one who thinks so. Some like it, some don't.

    It depends on what kind of soil you're talking about. If it's got time-release ferts or even regular ferts in it, you have to feed more carefully. You can also get "soil-less" potting mixes that lots of people think are soil but don't have any nutrients at all, in which case you have to feed pretty much like hydroponics.
  14. This is a good argument, unless you live in Canada... Advanced Nutrients cost about 10 bucks a liter here for their GMB mix... for a liter of each it's aabout 30 bucks... that's super cheap if you ask me... As far as additives go, Big Bud is by far the best additive I've ever tried for adding size and strength(THC) to buds

    1 liter = ~1/4 gallon

    Did you use Big Bud?... And did you follow the directions on the bottles themselves?
  15. Gospel man,

    If you only buy one additive it shoudl be Big Bud.
    Nothin makes as big a difference as this stuff.
  16. AN organic iguana juice has some issues but can be easily fixed. some popular strains during veg preflower flowering stage shows magnesium zinc acid type deficiencies, this can be fixed by flushing or lowering dosage. always check PH levels n mix nutrients good. you also need to watch out, some stores they dont carry fresh ORGANIC AN that can also be a problem expired nutrients. go straight to the source AdvancedNutrients.com its flat rate delivery and quick 3-5 business days.

    Iguana juice worked best with soil when we used it, if iguana juice is not aggitated enough turns out sludgy in some flow type hydro systems and causes problems. AN iguana juice program used in soil outdoors/greenhouse worked better then indoor for us too:confused: did mother nature help??. if indoors we used AN hydro Connoisseur, sensi, micro-grow-bloom i notice alot better production from Connoisseur AN compared to fox farm dutchmaster canna bcuzz GH etc, plus i never had a salt build up problem yet, thats one thing i like about AN. GH gave us salt problems and fox farm showed fertilizer burns & mold problems.

    i experimented alot with AN iguana juice program and made my own aggressive feed that more then the AN heavy feed program for certain strains and a very low dosage feed for hypersensitive strains. my iguana juice organic program the plants have a little bit of a bug problem:mad:. my all AN iguana juice/hydro mix im experimented with, the plants has no bug at all and the resin glands are more sticky, idk why:confused: we thought when flushed and cured the iguana organic/hydro mix plants:D were stronger in buzz and more smooth when inhaled n more flavored :smoking: compared to just iguana organic. my organic/hydro yield was a little more not alot but it was more compared to organic yield.

    my other friends use AN iguana juice program with other brand additives like purplemaxx gravity budswel supertea thrive alive open seasame etc and they worked together.
  17. It's just a good habit to be in, shaking a bottle of nutrients before you pour and measure.

    And if your reservoir doesn't keep the water circulating at a pretty good clip you probably ought to fix that. Some systems can run fine without a lot of agitation, but there's a lot of problems that you can completely avoid with little more than a good circulation pump.

    Can't really blame the nutrients if the system isn't up to par.
  18. Anbase nutes isn't really good for news no offense.
    I'd start with something simple like Pothead said.
    Id'd go with something like GH flora series then bump up to AN sensi or their 3pt.

    but Big bug is good shit all I use is AN.

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  19. I second that!

    Lucas Formula works with both AN and GH nutes.

    Using GH nutes and Lucas Formula with RO water is fantastic for your first time grow. No need for a pH meter or EC either. Just follow the basic formula and dump/re-fill your res according to schedule.

    After you've played around a bit you can experiment for better results. (Just nicer to do it when you have a stock of your own grown meds first)
  20. I'm guessing you mean that you don't think that the basic Advanced Nutrients lines aren't good for people new to growing?

    If so, I gotta disagree.

    It's not like it's easier to use crappier stuff and the quality of AN's stuff means you just avoid a lot of problems you have with cheaper stuff. I think it's easier to use the better refined products.

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