Which Herb Vaporizer Do You Recommend Me Buying?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by RatchetBooty, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, title says it all. What herb vaporizer do you guys recommend me buying? I'm looking to buy something that's portable and something thats $130 or less. I was thinking about either getting the G Pro or the Hammer. If you guys have any other suggestions please tell me.

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    Just spend extra and get the Pax, its worth it
  3.   ....or a Volcano!   hehehe
    (it was bound to happen)
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    edit- @OP. Do not get the G pro it is just a re branded titan vaporizer at over double the cost. The hammer is a very nice vaporizer imo. Some others in that price range are the firewood, MFLB, lotus, and flowermate.
  5. MFLB is the way forwards, massive learning curve though
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    The OP says he wants to spend 130 dollars or less and you guys are recommending the PAX?   WTF???   :confused_2:
    Gotta love the advice coming from people who don't even read the opening post.
    No2 by Vapir + a small 6-8" bong can be had on ebay and a local headshop for less than $130.
    Mflb i wouldn't recommend to a beginner.
    The No2's digital thermostat eliminated most of the vaping learning curve you'd have with other manual-temp-control vapes.
  8. If you're willing to learn a learning curve (which all vaporizers have), you should look into getting the Firewood vaporizer. Nice sleek design, fits in pockets nicely, has a decent battery life and it uses lots of convection. Not a very big bowl so it conserves pretty well.
  9. My vote goes to the solo :)
  10. The MFLB is great for what it is, which is a very simple vaporizer that is dependent on you to control the temperature through the speed that you inhale through it and how long you hold the battery in (which is the big learning curve others spoke of).  That is the first vaporizer we bought.
    For only a little more money than what you quoted, you can get the Herbalaire 2.2, which is the second vaporizer we bought (and that we use almost exclusively now).  One of the things that makes me prefer it over the MFLB, aside from being a lot easier, is the fact that you can put whole chunks of bud into it.  The MFLB requires a fine grind - the finer the better.  And from the amount of hash I get out of my grinder when I clean it with ethanol/Everclear, there is a lot of "goody" removed from your bud when you grind and grind.  With the Herbalaire, I toss the whole crystally chunk in and get all of the good out of it.  I have been saving the ABV to remove anything left behind by using it later in edibles or extracting with ethanol, but I have not done it as of yet.
    I think this feature (using unground bud) gives the Herbalaire an advantage over any other vaporizer I have checked out.

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