Which Hash Screens To Buy?

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    Hi. I'm doing a grow here with 5 plants. I'm hoping to make some hash after they're done growing.
    Now I just have a couple questions.
    Where do I buy the screens for this? Home Depot? I'm not looking for bubble bags or similar, I mean where would I find sheets of screens by the roll for my own purpose. What sizes should the holes be?

    150 microns
    120 microns
    90 microns
    I was thinking like this:  Untitled.png
    with progressively smaller screens. Looking to make homemade tobacco-less shisha with the low grade hash and blue lotus, the medium grade for smoking, and the high grade for giving to people as gifts.
    Was gonna hang dry the buds normally, and when dry freeze them then sift em.
  2. ebay my friend, just look for stainless mesh
  3. Here you can buy a hash screen

    I have purchased my screen on this site http://www.spacezeven.com/ they have well explained on their site how you can make good hash.
    The hashish which i make with this screen is vey tasty. I live in Holland and it is certainly just as good quality as the hashish from the dutch coffee shops.

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