Which hangs lower?, which is bigger?....left or right?

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  1. Obviously both sexes can post (no pics please):rolleyes::rolleyes:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    kinda hard to tell but I think my left is lower and I'm not sure which is bigger.
    I'll have to look again or get someone's opinion.

    but I do know for sure that they're still growing :D:hello:
  2. are you talking about....? something...., sexual,.....
    .... lol :) stoners
  3. The right one hangs way lower. It scares me sometimes.
  4. lol Right for me as well...
  5. my left boob is a tiny bit bigger than my right, but only a tiny bit lol,
    your talking about balls :) i figured it out
  6. My right nut is trying to escape my body.
  7. left nut! -SWAG
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    Right is a tad bigger and hangs a little lower, I was so worried about it a while ago. Come to thig of it I was worried about my guys trig to cool off before I knew it was natural for them to hang when they are too hot. The joy of learning.

  9. actually I was talking other body parts that are a little higher up .
    I Hear they never stop growing :eek:

    and it sure is funny how the weather in some way, effects both of the other two body parts that you guys and gals are talking about.

    but cold makes Guys retract & girls protrude :confused:
  10. My left eye is slightly bigger than my left, I hate it. That's why most of my pics are from one side lol

    Actually, the whole left side of my body has a slightly bigger everything from my right. Boob, foot, my left ear and left half my nose and left side of my mouth(lips) are slightly higher than the right side

  11. Lmao! Well thanks for sharing!

    Uhh... Right hangs lower. Equally gargantuan.
  12. I wasn't sure what he was asking so I covered everything
  13. My right foot is a tiny bit bigger... like a 1/4th of a show size.
  14. mines too...not really noticeable...lefty has always been my favorite anyhow...

  15. Hahaha mine too bc it's a little bigger and fits in everything well, my right one is just stupid.

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