Which grow tent to use for MY SETUP!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by dimyself, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. I've been looking at grow tents and understand you kind of get what you pay for...I have a couple of questions:

    1) Which brand do you recommend that is good but not the most expensive?? (HTG?) There's is build with metal poles and not pvc I believe.
    2) Will I be able to hang all my stuff inside one and which brand will accomodate better...I have a Vortex 6", an easy cool 6 reflector, and HPS 400 with digital ballast.

    Basically, I'm just looking for the brands that will have straps and be setup for carbon filter, 6" vortex, and easy cool reflector....

    Also, is should be light proof and contain all smells (other than what passes through carbon filter)!!! Has anyone had any smell coming from one of these things since its just a
    zipper/velcro holding the door together?

  2. Have you gone to any of the Hydro stores, to check these out? I have never used one, so I wouldn't be able to say which works the best, but they do look pretty friggin cool.

    They had tomatoes growing under a couple vented 400 watt HPS, and it was very cool. If you haven't gone and checked these out in person, you really should.

    It will be a LOT easier to set up, than miine is. LOL...good luck!
  3. Yea...I'm goign to check them out today. I mainly just need to find out which ones best keep out LIGHT and SMELL and which will support my vortex and light system. Anyone know?
  4. Secret jardin ftw
  5. they make darkroom right? Why them over other brands? Will smell escape from a tent like through the zipper?
  6. from what i've read across all forums, I have yet to see anyone say anything bad about light leaks and such. Smell will always be an issue no matter what tent, thats what the carbon filters are for.
  7. If you have your tent ventilation setup correctly and use passive intake flaps, with correct size fan / scrubber you shouldnt have any problems with smell. It will create a negative pressure in your tent allowing only air to be pulled into the tent and out the ventilation system.
  8. The only tent I've grown in is the SunHut Silver which is the new version of the SunHut White. Problem with some of the hut systems is that they use PVC and the chemical that makes PVC pliable eventually starts to leech out and kill your plants. (seems to vary from batch to batch)

    What you but not 100% sure is a system that either uses mylar or PE (Polyethylene) for the inside walls.

    My SunHut Silver does leak light out a little around the zippers.
  9. I have a darkroom and sorry to say it isn't fully light proof or "air tight" .

    That said some extra tarping a little duct tape and it seems to fix any problems.

    It will hold CO2 ppm lvls and seems extremely cost efficient so far with the ease of set up, take down, and general sexy look. But it is a zip up tent in the end so don't get expectations up to much.

    I still think its one of the better purchases Ive made retaining to equipment.
  10. I have a California Nursery tent from ebay and very happy with it. Like the others its not 100% light proof, at zippers (just need to add a lil velcro to flaps). But for half the price of some of the other tents I was able to spend more $$ on lights and ventilation.

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