Which grinder?

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I am looking for a quality grinder that will last me for a while. Name brand is a plus and I definitely want a 4-piece. My price range is $20-$50.

    Thanks :smoke:
  2. Best but more expensive: SpaceCase or MendoMuncher

    2nd best but less expensive: SharpStone, DiamondGrinder, or CromiumCruncher

    Personally, you will probably here otherwise, but i would stay away from amazon and ebay. I bought my sharpstone from the sharpstone website because it was $2 more than the least expensive one on amazon and Amazon and ebay have a lot of fakes and knock offs.
  3. http://www.shivaheadshop.co.uk/images/301/301/3881.jpg

    Headchef - comes in different sizes/prices, hands down the best ive ever used for money, i paid £10 for a medium and it grinds bud up to dust, also has a catcher

    sure you'll find it on an american headshop site, spacecase are great but much more pricey and it does basically the same thing
  4. Thanks guys. I am prob going to go with a Sharpstone.
  5. yea me and my bros was looking for some descent grinders i found this

  6. Very helpful, thanks.

  7. How much would the 2 inch be able to grind at a time?
  8. Get this .....




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