Which grinder should i get?

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  1. I'm sick of using my janky gas station grinder and have been on the prowl for a new one. I saw a 4pc. 2.5'' chromium crusher with a 5pc. pollen press for $28 including shipping. Anyone think this is a good deal or should i keep looking?
  2. This is a picture of the grinder/press..forgot to show a pic, my bad
  3. Kannastor man!! [​IMG]

    They might be a little pricey at your local head shop but they are awesome and reliable!
  4. id say thats a good deal, youre gonna enjoy all that keif in the long run my friend :D
  5. I have a chromium crusher and swear by it. I'd say go for it.
  6. If you want a grinder that will last a lifetime then get a Space Case!
  7. space cases are nice...i have a sharp stone that i love. they're a bit cheaper than space cases
  8. Basically, all the suggestions you've gotten here are spot on.:wave:
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    Space case..

    As a loyal Space case owner for over 3 years now. It is still the best grinder i have, I baught a cheap 12 buck 5 pc off amazon and the pollen screens are a joke.

    Go big or go home


    Or id recommend a mid priced one Sharpstone. Ive seen good things about. Im gonna have to look into Kannastor never heard of them.

    Kannastor seems nice but only with 1 extra luxury, Removable screen. Which is more to worry about imo. Id rather have it fascited in place like spacecase.

    and kannastors have some bad looking teeth are those spikes? Im use to even cheapies having decent teeth...
  10. Chromium Crushers all the way. My sister owns own and she talks highly of it, and i bought one a few weeks ago and i love it. It's amazing.

    That's a pretty nice one too. 30$ for a grinder isnt too bad, specially a CC.
  11. Space cases are very nice don't get me wrong but my friend had one and he put a dime inside the second chamber to collect and knock more kief through the screen and the screen eventually broke through, so the fact that you can change screens on the Kannastor is pretty convenient especially since anything can happen and things break.
  12. Im getting better pics of a kannastor the teeth are smaller than the space cases is all they seemed odd.

    And Yea Ive never done that put something in there for extra. I just take a soft tooth brush to my screen every month or so to remove buildup. And my screen looks brand new still.

    Edit: Will prolly get a 5pc kannastor in the future. Since space case I cant find a 5pc :D

  13. Same here, it works wonders.
  14. Yeah, I didn't put a dime in there at first and I probably wouldn't if it wasn't removable, but after I did put it in there I did realize that I was getting a little bit more than usual.
  15. thanks for the advice...i'm not really looking for something in the space case price range although im aware it is the cadillac of grinders. but, this cc is looking like a solid deal according to most responses so i'm sold.
    chromium crusher it will be..
  16. Honestly don't bother with coins and shit in your grinder.

    Space Case is the best but Chromium Crusher is a little better the n sharpstone. Sharpstone is crap. I and many others gave had bad experiences with them.
  17. I have a kannastor and its a great grinder. it also collects kief like a machine. i recommend it!

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