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Which grinder is right for me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by El Jugador, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Hello my fellow GrassCityians, I present to you; a question.

    Right, so, I'm looking for a grinder right here on Grasscity, the world's best online headshop, and I'm on the herb grinders section, but I'm not really sure which one is right for my needs. My main concern is to get as much kief as possible while grinding. Getting it into smaller pieces isn't really what I'm worried about, I mean, I've got a blender in the kitchen. Now, The categories confuse me a wee bit, I'm not sure which one I need. Regular, Hash grinding, Crystal catching, Mix 'n Ball? Probably Crystal Catching right?

    I'm thinking one of these two though...either the Mix 'N' Ball - Triple Screen Grinder & Presser or the Quick Grinder - Herb Grinder with handy emptying button.

    What do you all think?
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    I would go with ebay dude. I would scratch the word "best" from your 1st sentence and replace it with "highest priced", but thats just my opinion.

    that fuckin 75$ dollar grinder is a RIP OFF dude, no need to spend more than 25-30$ on a grinder and it will be a 4 or 5 piece quality grinder.

    you could get a real real nicegrinder and pollen press on ebay for 40$.....

    damn....75$.....what the FUCK. LOL...ill stick with my ebay sharpstone...
  3. Ha, yeah I see your point. They do have cheaper ones here though, I've seen some for around that price, 25-30.

    Of course, I searched the forums before I posted and I read people saying that a good grinder with a kief screen would be more on the expensive side, but, yeah I'm doing alot more...culinary arts with the herb now and kief is recommended!

    Yeah, that's where I found the Mix 'N' Ball thing, would be nice if there was something ESPECIALLY for kief.
  4. get a space case. plenty of room for kief, and it only catches the finest crystals
  5. #6 Banana Blunt, Feb 15, 2009
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  6. Sharpstone is awesome. They make everything for much cheaper. Including pollen press. I have the 5 piece grinder so it has two screens. This product looks awesome too
  7. Thanks for your input everyone, think I'm gonna go with the eBay one, for all the good praise, $20 is pretty damn good.

    Gotta look more into that pollen box though. ;)
  8. Go by your local headshop, lately they have been hit hard by recession and you can barter some damn good deals. I got a nice 2 chamber grinder for $10 by talking the guy down. Just go there say your looking for 2 chamber grinder with a screen.

    Just tip on bartering don't be afraid to walk out. It took me 2 weeks but i got a nice 2 chamber bubbler for $35.
  9. get a sharpstone on ebay!!!!!!! best deal possible
  10. Definitley get a sharpstone or space case. I know that your new to the forums so I'll just tell you that we aren't Grasscitians... we are Blades. We are all blades of grass in the city.:hello:

    Long Live grasscity!!!!
  11. Hey i got my 5pc grinder and pollen press from amazon it only cost me 28 bucks and it works great I love it

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