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Which flavors should i begin with for Juicy Jays to sell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by huapala808, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Definitely going to begin with RAWs organic and classic, but so many juicy jays i can't decide? They are all great but which is the top 10! Kgive me advice please need to order my stock now before someone takes my idea and it s over for me on Molokai.. support me please first head shop ever on Molokai. its my destiny.:smoke:
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    Had to go check the website since there are so many but my favorites are:
    Very cherry
    Purple ice? Its purple something cant really see the name on website.
    Maple syrup
    Black magic (never tried just looks cool)

    Edit: rasberry, blackberry brandy, jamacin rum, green apple, strawberry kiwi, absinith, and pineapple also caught my eye.
  3. WOWW CRAZY thats pretty close to the ones i picked..atleast im on the right track...saweet! keep em coming!
  4. Get the peanut butter and jelly ones, straight comical buys for the win.
  5. Peaches and Cream
    Birthday Cake

    I've bought a few of those, I prefer king size because they're wrapped up. They won't get as stale as fast as normal juicy jays.
    I also bought Bacon for the lulz, and let's just say they have no taste when you lick or smoke them, and have a bad aftertaste.
  6. What were these?

  7. Flavored rolling papers
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    Any other advice of which flavored papers to sell?
  9. 1.Blueberry
    4.Blackberry Brandy
    5.Peaches and Cream
    9.Rum or whatever its called
    10.Green apple

    I got a pack of blackberry in my closet atm think im gonna roll a joint tommorow with it and post it.
  10. #10 huapala808, Aug 4, 2011
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    Lemme know how that works out your list is exactly the same as my list just different order might have to get 20 flavors.
  11. from personal experience cherry is the one that the most amount of ppl in a group can agree on. The other flavors leave some ppl bitching and whining. Cherry is a safe bet.
  12. Thanks cherry green apple p n j are the strawberry 4 guaranteed. Keep um coming! Love the feed back
  13. cookie dough is amazing, i will def buy if i ever see it anywhere
  14. I will keep that In mind!
  15. I had a pack of these, we brought them for the comical buys. Then my friends and I had a vote and decided that they tasted nothing like peanut butter jelly. But they do guarantee a good discussion on what peanut butter jelly actually jastes like. :D
  16. Thanks for the feed back! Any other flavors you would recommend? You guys are the best I should have joined this way back when I would probably be up and running in a building already. Thinking of doing it online for now then open up shop. Gonna learn how to blow glass to supply myself.
  17. Flavored papers????? Omg sounds amazing. Where do I get em? And are the flavors really pronounced?
  18. Get Bacon flavored ones. People will definitely buy them just for fun... especially if they're baked. :smoke:
  19. Yeah, but lots of people will be pretty dis-satisfied with them. I mean, you get 50 instead of 32 for a reason. :smoke:
  20. I always thought green apple was good. Not sure if i've had any other flavors though, the local smokeshop only sells green apple or regular paper (yet, they sell every blunt wrap you can imagine:( )

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