Which Fert Product to use?

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  1. I am checking out foxfarms, and they seem to have a lot of different types of ferts. Can anyone point to one type specifically?

    I am looking in to getting some of the micro stuff in there!
  2. i love botanicare's pure blend pro series with cal mag and hygrozyme added in. Foxfarm's grow big, big bud and tiger bloom is a great three part line they have that I've sen grow great plants. Most nutrient lines will work great if applied properly, ends up being a preferene thing
  3. Cool, I'll use those.

  4. np man, let me know if you decide to share your grow in a journal :)

  5. The Botanciare seems to be for hydro, I am growing in dirt.

    Anything good for that?
  6. I used Botanicare for soil for bout 4 years man.... just gotta adjust amounts. They even have a special bloom formula for soil Pure Blend Pro | Botanicare

    I use the grow then go to the bloom soil for the flowering.
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    ahhhh, I see. I also see a soil blend as well.


    How much do you use per gal of water?

  8. The first 2-3 weeks from seed plants don't need any feedigns. wait until growth takes off and it starts to lighten a tad in color showing its ready for food. when plants are young I feed about 1-1.5 tspns per gallon. in flowering, I use 2-2.5 tspn at the most per gallon. I feed every other watering or every third. This keeps nutes from building up n changing the soil's ph.
  9. i didnt want to start a new thread thought it would be a good place to ask...how long does one bottle last for...plant wise 4-5 plants?
  10. one bottle lasted me three grows easy and that was with about 20 plants. most times ppl over use nutes n ends in plants that are unhappy/very sick.

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