Which Feeding schedule should I follow?

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    :Hiya all I was wondering if anyone has encountered this contradiction there are 2 different feeding schedules for the FF trio. Which one should i follow?:confused_2: [​IMG]

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  2. first schedule is the updated one.

    I used to go by it rigidly, but ive decided to change it up.

    I use the suggested amounts per gal, during veg i water twice a week, feeding once, during flower I water 3 times a week, feeding every other watering, at 3/4 the suggested amount.
  3. ok I just feed for the first time using 1/4 strength 2 week schudule.
  4. first feed do a 1/4 strength, next 1/2, then full for the rest of the time ... give them a chance to get used to the nutes


    you want the one of the left and the one on the right .... and if you REALLY wanna get some amazing results, I would use this as well.

  5. Yup thats what I planned. I found a guy selling 1tsp packets of all three solubles for 5 bucks and change so when I need that imma get it.
  6. 1tsp for 5 bucks? that sounds like a ripoff. Each bottle is like 18-20 dollars at grow stores, even cheaper online .. you will get WAY more solution for your money
  7. sorry for 6.50 I can get 1 TBS of cha ching beastie bloom and open sesame. all together they cost like 80 bucks.
  8. i dont use beastie bloom or open sesame, just the original trio, and cha ching

    perosnal perference though, good luck!

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