Which fast food has the best Double Cheeseburger?

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  1. Wendys, Mcdonlads, or Burger King?:D

    I personaly lust for Wendys Dollar Junior bacon cheese burger and double stack :cool:
  2. Ooh Wendy's is good :) But personally, I prefer Burger King :D
  3. It depends.

    On the three choices you have, Wendys im not sure if they have just a normal double cheeseburger. But id have to give them hands down the best burgers out of the three.

    Burger Kings Double Cheese is better then McDonalds.

    But McDonalds double cheeseburger is the perfect hangover food.

    My father taught me that years ago and it stands true to this day.
  4. Five Guys Hands Down!!:yummy:
  5. [​IMG]

    Free toppings ftw!
  6. BK Double Stacker.

    Can't be beat.
  7. bk i dont eat mcdonalds
  8. Well as far as dollar menu burgers, the junior bacon cheeseburger hands down

    If you want to talk double cheeseburgers that don't have to be dollar menu burgers then Five Guys hands down...but its not cheap haha
  9. well i can tell you now, ive been eating mcdonalds and wendys a lot recently, along with arbys. arbys has a bangin dollar menu, which is better then mcds and wendys. But out of the list, i'd probably pick mcdonalds...but burger king aswell cause i miss it.
  10. BK has the best doubles in my opinion but I never go there.
  11. You guys who like BK, MacD, and Wendys.....have you ever tasted a cheeseburger from 5Guys? They're hand made to order and the meat isn't dog meat like MacD and BK uses.
  12. checkers is the best for yall down south
  13. Out of those three, I'd probably choose BK. I like Wendy's, but it seems liek everytime I go there my burger is sloppily made. But if we are talking all fast food, I'd have to go for Five Guys. I've never had In and Out though.
  14. In-N-Out Double Double- Best Fast Food Burger in the country hands down! Shit now that i think about it i haven't had one in awhile, i know what's for dinner tonight :yummy:. Animal Style!!
  15. I think BK stackers are pretty good.
  16. BK. wendys tastes hella fake
  17. What a fucking burger.
    You need to try it out when you come to texas.

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    Aztec, New Mexico A&W Bacon Double Cheeseburger with curly fries liberally sprinkled with seasoning salt and Spudnut's fry sauce. A meal made in heaven.

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