Which dwb piece should I get?

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  1. Drew likes his showerheads better. Both making them and using them. The choice for me was obvious once I had this information :D
  2. Id go with the showerhead.

    It looks less....janky, i guess. everything's all odd shaped.
  3. To be completely honest, I am pretty sure those are super old pics. I mean, look at the latest DWB pics compared to these. I would suggest going off of the heady pictures, just imagine them clear. And that price is for a regular showerhead so it will be a little smaller than what you see in the customs. Although, Drew said he has been upgrading them for free though so you might get lucky.

    TL;DR: New DWB is MUCH cleaner than those old pics (well, the waffle is for sure old, not 100% on how old the showerhead is) DON'T make judgments based off of them.
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    Yeah those pics are pretty old. The waffle pic is months old, back when people wanted an update pic on etsy.

    The shower head shown is the one drew personally uses, but it is almost as old as the waffle pic.

    Go with the shower head and reduced neck as it speeds up clearing. If he offers you upgrades go with gridding and a 60-55mm can for a bigger shower head.
  5. don't get showerhead. Get tree perk.

  6. Thats not an option.

    Although drew does want to make more tree pieces. but those are for customs only. and hes not taking customs.
  7. ahh, i see.
  8. Bump for more opinions.

    I have been leaning towards the shower head Personally as well so my decision might be made now
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    I would take the waffle, cause I love waffles ^_^

    The decision is clear

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  10. The showerhead for sure. It looks like it would prolly diffuse better and is naturally sexier. Also the discs seem to suck cuz you gotta put in lots of water.
  11. like drew has said himself, showerhead for flowers and waffle for oil. the waffle can be used for both but its great for oil. if u ever plan on getting a dome id get teh waffle( like i did myself).

  12. The way I've seen dwb's stack I think I may have to disagree. It seems (from the videos I've seen) that even a low water with Drew's percs can make it to the second disc. But, I digress. Showerhead all day. Lol.
  13. Yeah, I'd rather have my smoke go through a MAX of 15 holes simultaneously rather than a massive amount of grids :rolleyes:
    You would only have to put in a lot of water if the disc was too high. If you look at all the current pieces, they all easily stack through the disc(s). IMO does not suck.

    I personally want to get a waffle but it depends what you're looking for. I think the showerhead/disc would be smoother.
    All current DWB pieces are very clean. Artfire really needs to be updated.

  14. I dont think you've ever seen a DWB piece used before.

    if you have, you wouldnt make a claim like that
  15. Just to comment on the tree perc; there's a reason they aren't logic tubes. They take a lot more work to assemble, basically the same as pillars the way drew makes them, which is way too much time and effort for just a tree perc piece. He decided to stick with pillars, which is how the stemline pillar came to be. Needed to add something to the logics.
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    unless its a top name brand, id stay away from trees. a broken branch... sheds a tear

    not that dwb cant make em, just in general lol.
  17. The showerhead will diffuse better, give a smoother hit, but a bit less flavor, the waffle will diffuse less, potentially harsher hit, but more flavor. So which is more important to you...the flavor or smoothness of hit?

    For me I would go showerhead as I like a smooth tube.

  18. IMO and experience, tree perks are superior to any other method of diffusion, no matter how much work or time it takes the blower to do it.
  19. If you're serious you're experience is probably limited to tree percs.

    Get the showerhead...smoother hit...way better for flowers.

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