Which drug should i take?

Discussion in 'General' started by Shogun2002, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. I'm going to a concert soon and am wondering which drug should i take, i can't decide between alcohol,cannabis or ecstacy or some shrooms maybe, not sure.

    Help needed in deciding.
  2. I love to sneak a few jays into a concert. Makes the experience much more enjoyable. ;)
  3. I was thinking of taking the pill and a few jays before we got into the concert and a few inside the concert too.

    I don't really want to be drinking at it, want a bit of a change.
  4. do whatever you feel good with... cant hurt there!
  5. stick to the herb. don't prove the gateway theory right... unless that is you've already done those drugs.. grrrr.. oh ya, what concert is it?
  6. I wouldn't take shrooms durring a concert, that just has bad news written all over it....
  7. roll up as many Js as you can and bun them in the crowd.

    just bun.

    no drink.

    no pills.

    just bun.

  8. unless its phish, then its spells umm p...h...i...s...h, i guess it spells phish, but its still fun

  9. The gateway theory...that does sound really childish to be honest with you.

    Have you ever tried any other drugs than pot stoned solider and yes i have done them other drugs mentioned already.

    The concert is Thin Lizzy.

    I've decided i'm just getting drunk first then eating a hash youghert.
  10. that what i was gonna sugest.... gives you a pleasent euphoria through out the whole show... more social, the music 'll be nice..... plus you'll have an edge....:D

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