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Which do you prefer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Lugef, May 7, 2011.

  1. Blunts or Pipes? Reasons?
  2. pipes 3g would get u a lot higher, and i don't mix tobacco and weed. one or the other, plus i smoke alone at home a lot, no need for blunts for that lol
  3. Pipes. I don't smoke tobacco anymore. And if I did I still would prefer pipes. Cigar tobacco isn't supposed to be inhaled, and the cheap ones you use for blunts are soaked in chemicals.
  4. I see... Good reasons. My first time smoking was with blunts wasn't sure though.
  5. Both.

    Don't let the health freaks turn you off on blunts... They haven't harmed anybody.
  6. ^ False. Just because there's weed inside of them doesn't mean it cancels out the effects of the shitty tobacco wrapping it.
  7. Pipes cause I usually smoke alone. Also for group sesh I prefer joints over blunts, the crap they soak blunts in fucks with my lungs.
  8. Pipes. More convenient when you want a quick smoke. However, I am partial to a joint whenever i am going around town as they are easier to smoke in a more public setting
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    Yeh i usually smoke a pipe alone but blunts/joints when im with people. I like either or but it seems pipes better for your lungs.
  10. I'm fairly certain that most people don't smoke enough blunts to cause enough harm on their bodies. Unless people are smoking like 10 blunts a day, which is just... no.
  11. A blunt once in a while won't hurt if that's what you like...
  12. i smoke a pack a day lol, just not at the same time, i love the taste of the flower, i hate ruining it, not a matter of health
  13. Bring some evidence to the table or gtfo.

    Until then, blunts haven't harmed anybody. :smoke:(<--- why isn't there a blunt smiley?)

    Was directed more towards GutteralShiva & the likes.
  14. If someone smokes all day then 10 blunts is nothing

    I enjoy smoking out of a blunt because I can stretch my weed out better and plus I can collect my roaches together and make a blunt out of those to get me :hippie:

    Pipes can land you in jail longer than a blunt any day

    Imagine seeing someone at a red light hitting a packed bowl
    First thing you might think is "look at that crack head" lol
  15. I personally like bongs hits. but I like joints too! but ill smoke pot anyway! Cause thats how I roll!!! lol :cool:
  16. Totally off topic.
  17. hows it off topic?
  18. This is discussing the favoritism of pipes or blunts... Not bongs & joints.
  19. #19 Lugef, May 7, 2011
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    Lmfao so true xDd
  20. Bowls when I'm by myself, but I find blunts are a lot more efficient in group settings.

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