which do you prefer:smoking alone or with someone

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  1. i know a lot of stoners that won't smoke alone but i actually really enjoy it

    but company isn't bad too, a nice matching of bowls and whatnot is nice, and a deep conversation about whatever the fuck you think of

    some say they think too much when they're alone and getting high

    talk to me people
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    I enjoy smoking alone. I don't have very many close friends and the few that smoke are extremely annoying and immature when they're high. Getting to smoke with some people I really enjoy being around just makes my day though. :)

    When I'm with people, we just chill/cuddle, listen to music, and talk a little bit.

    When I'm alone, I usually listen to classic rock and pretend I'm playing the drums or get stupidly philosophical. I was high alone last night and I convinced myself that I was destined to meet Mila Kunis on a beach under the stars and learn the secrets of the universe from her.
  3. i like to smoke after i get off work. if people happen to be there, i'm cool with that, but most of the time its just me and my dog.

    i guess i prefer smoking alone, it gives me time to focus on music and projects i might be doing

  4. yeah, i feel you on that i have some idiot friends too but for the most part, we usually can just get high and actually have decent convos.
    i used to be allll about solo smoking cause i love my own company
  5. I used to be a social stoner but now that I'm older, I've grown to solidarity while toking. I don't like deep conversations while I'm stoned and if it gets all silent when I'm with people and I'm stoned, I just get an overwhelming awkward feeling so I usually end up leaving early anyways. So yah, lone stoner here. :smoke:
  6. I love both!

  7. haha thats funny i always leave pretty quick too
    i feel like an asshole, smokin and runnin !but fuck it..
  8. I love smoking alone. Whenever I smoke with other people, they end up going deep into conversations about a topic I know nothing about and then because I'm sitting there quiet there's always an awkward moment of silence where I guess I'm supposed to give my input on the subject but can't. So they end up going to another topic to where I'm clueless or start sharing stories that may or may not be true.
    I like smoking with people that share the same interests as me and like to just chill the way I do.

  9. I can relate so hard to this.:smoking:
  10. I prefer smoking alone

    I'm pretty introverted so it makes sense
  11. I honestly prefer smoking alone. That way I can do whatever the fuck I want, which usually includes talking to myself (more than usual). I either listen to some music (Sublime, Dirty Heads, Butthole Surfers, etc) or go all wannabe philosopher and make up stupid shit that seems brilliant at the time. However, of the people are really chill, I dot mind smoking in a group of four or less. More than that and you're just wasting weed on a high that's way too crowded. I like to take little trips inside my head, and that's just not possible with too many people.
  12. Alone. But i smoke with my cousins alot. But i prefer smoking alone. when i smoke i usually just research various topics or go on youtube and listen to multiple hiphop instrumentals and i write rhymes to any good instrumentals that i find.
  13. I'm a loner stoner
  14. alone....
  15. I smoke with my wife. Prefer to smoke with her then alone.
  16. It's good either way but it seems you last longer when you're with other people and of course shit gets funnier. :)
  17. Depends on my mood and the situation, I like to smoke with people but I really like smoking alone at night or early in the morning. So I guess I would say alone even though I like both.
  18. Smoking by myself is rather peaceful. I just slap my bass. However, smoking with friends is always a good time. Soo im both lol :D

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