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Which do you prefer more?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TGODCudderWayne, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Buying a lot of mids or a little bit of dank.

    Is the high a lot better from dank?
  2. me i prefer the mids cause i only can afford like $30 a weeks so i smoke a jay a day...
  3. dank all the way

    then again i live in san diego. i dont really ever come across anything less than what grasscity calls high mids. in norcal dank is even cheaper and just as available, if not all thats available.

    and yes, dank is so much more worth it. even if i could only smoke once every 2 weeks with dank verses almost every day with mids, i would take the dank option.
  4. I would have to agree with everyone thus far.
    I would much rather smoke dank occasionally than mids daily.
  5. D to the Dank!
    I also love maltesers. I actually have a bag infront of me....want one ? :smoke::smoke:
  6. May I please have just one? hahaha
  7. Dank when money is good, Mids when money is tight.
  8. Mids give me a little headache(i get migranes alot) but the headache isnt terrible. However, when i smoke dank it makes my headache and all that crap go away. Dank all the way.
  9. hmm..if all you got is 5-10 bucks then Gotta go with mids,but if you got $20+ then get some dank or at lest a gram or dank and like some mids to mix with it if you get down like that:smoke:

  10. Just the one though.... :smoke:
  11. both the same but different purposes the dank for my smoke and mids for edibles gotta have a balance somewhere
  12. Usually what is considered dank gives a more clear, head high. Most people (including me :smoke:) prefer this type of high. However, I do have a lot of friends that prefer a nice mid body high.
  13. You are soo kind, sharing your yummy treats haha.
    This hit goes out to you!:smoke:
  14. i prefer dank, but i would rather have a lot of weed and since im not rich, i get alot of mids haha

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