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  1. Which do you prefer and if you don't have one of em, which do you think you would prefer?
  2. S2 no contest.
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    I dunno but siri on the 4s is way overrated. Shit doesn't work half the time, not to mention the fact the phone freezes constantly. Many of my friends have 4s phones, and they are not that great.

    S2's have the best hardware out right now, plus the open source goodness that is android. Get an S2, unless you hate android or something
  4. I'm not so sure about that statement, I've used 3 different 4s from 3 different friends, 2 of which were bought at launch. They are pretty dam stable if you ask me, and they still manage nicely with only 512MB of RAM.
  5. Thought this was either gonna be about a smoking or a sex device. or both. that being said, iphone. its shiny.
  6. That's the last reason I'd by iPhone, all that glass makes it heavier and makes for more shattering.
  7. iPhone for me.

    Why? Because it's not Android. It won't crash all the time, the settings will always be in the same place (versus being different for every damn Android phone), and the Apple app store doesn't distribute malware.
  8. I'll take the iPhone4 as well. I tried really hard to like the Android OS (I owned two Android phones prior to my iPhone) but I just don't. The device itself, physically, is also, in my opinion, more pleasing than it's competitors-it feels more solid to me (though, I admit, this comes at the price of relative fragility).
  9. [quote name='"Fëanor"']iPhone for me.

    Why? Because it's not Android. It won't crash all the time, the settings will always be in the same place (versus being different for every damn Android phone), and the Apple app store doesn't distribute malware.[/quote]

    I have an evo 4g, far from being a "good" android phone, and its never crashed. Avoiding malware is pretty simple too.
    The settings are in the same place on standard roms, but being open source, not all phones use standard roms. Htc has sense, samsung has touchwiz, etc. The settings menu is always the same, though, and is equally easy to access on all android roms, and unless you own and constantly use several different android phones simultaneously, i honestly dont see how that could be a problem anyway, and even in that situation, its easy to install a custom launcher on all the devices for consistency. And you dont need to hack your phone to make such a modification, like you would with an iphone.
  10. I absolutely adore my HTC HD7 windows 7 phone

    Integrated with Xbox live

    Smart tiles

    Integrates all social networking site friends/feeds straight to your contacts list,

    I have 400+ contacts on my phone, and I only use about 20-30!
  11. I would take the new blackberry bold. Dunno why everyone hates on bb so much
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    Not every phone will crash all the time, but I've known a few people with Android phones over the last couple years and at least a few had problems with their phones crashing. Not the end of the world but since they mentioned it to me, it affected my choice.

    Yes, but the fact that it's out there highlights the flaws in Google's loosely-managed app store system.


    I work in IT, so everyone in the office needs to get Exchange e-mail set up on their cell phone. With an iPhone or a Windows phones, the Exchange e-mail settings are in the same place every time. I can even send out a document with screenshots and everyone can follow the exact same steps to set up their e-mail.

    With Android phones I have to hunt that fucking configuration down like a detective. Sometimes they call it "Work E-Mail" and it's a separate application from "E-mail." Sometimes it is inside "E-Mail" and there is an option for Exchange, etc. It's just irritating that every Android programmer seems to think that THEY know a better location for that Exchange e-mail application. :confused_2:

    1 - RIM always wants to put some cool scrolling device on their phone, and it always seems to break/malfunction
    2 - With a BlackBerry all of your data not only passes through your cell phone carrier, but also passes through RIM's network as well. Not only does this mean RIM has your data for no reason, but it also creates a point of failure. Google worldwide blackberry outage. That could not have possibly happened with any other brand of phone in existence.
    3 - RIM fails to comply with common standards such as Exchange ActiveSync (standard for corporate e-mail). Instead they implement their own solution which requires heavy resources and unorthodox modification of the e-mail server. Their solution also makes it impossible for users to simply set up e-mail on their phone themselves. First the administrator of the Blackberry Enterprise Server must create a BlackBerry account for them, in addition to their existing e-mail account.
  13. I just went from an iPhone 3G to a 4s...honestly software wise there hasn't been much improvement. Siri is a joke that's only good for making alarms and reminders but I do use it for that quite a lot. Hardware wise I can't believe how much of a jump has been made in the past few years this thing is blazing fast
  14. Wow, I thought the Note was a niche device but damn, no one yet? 5.3" OLED people! I guess it's lack of a U.S. release might have something to do with that.
  15. I've got an S2, it's so sexy. I sold my iPhone 4 for it after 3 months of use, so that tells you what I think of the iPhone compared to it.
    Although, reading the specs of the Nexus, id say that I'd rather have that because it looks pretty much on par with the S2, but with 720p. But I've never used one so I can't really say.
  16. 5MP camera is and no removable storage is a bit of a downer though
  17. True, but I realized not long ago that I never actually use the camera on my phone, so personally I'd rather have a higher resolution screen.
    No removable storage does suck. Not enough to deter me from getting it over an S2 though.
  18. Well even though it's not released in U.S. markets yet, you wouldn't wait for a galaxy note instead? 8MP cam with removable storage and a 800x1280@5.3".
  19. Shit, I forgot the RAZR. Ok, from now on just post your preferred device if it's not on the list.

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