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Which city in the world has the cheapest cannabis – and the most expensive?

Discussion in 'International Marijuana News' started by marijaymade, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. After reading my post below, some good fellaz would be considering relocation to some of these cities, I term as Marijuana-friendly.
    A new survey of the cost of buying marijuana in 120 cities around the world suggests it is most expensive in Asia – but not necessarily cheaper in those cities where it is legal. The highly variable cost of cannabis in cities around the globe indicates that prices do not necessarily come down with increased consumption – or even legality, according to a new survey. The 2018 Cannabis Price Index, compiled by Seedo, an automatic cultivator device company based in Tel Aviv, claims to give the going rate for cannabis in 120 cities, ranging from £22.86 (US £32.66) per gram in Tokyo to less than £1 ($1.34) in Quito. he figures were reached based on prices submitted by cannabis users to crowdsourcing websites including PriceOfWeed.com and MarijuanaTravels.com. Between 100 and a couple of thousand submissions of prices were typically received for each city, according to the company, which also said the websites’ algorithms adjusted for outliers. It said the prices were then assessed against anecdotal reports by self-identified habitual cannabis smokers and national prices reported in the UN Office on Drugs and Crime’s 2017 World Drug Report. According to the survey, London not only consumed the most marijuana of the seven British cities surveyed – 31.4 metric tonnes each year – but paid the most for it at £6.44 per gram. The UK’s cheapest prices were in Leeds at £5.37 per gram.
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  2. Uruguay has price controls and dispensaries are not to exceed around $1 per gram.
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  3. in the UK the most expensive is London because people sell 0.6/0.7 bags for £10, cheapest I've got weed is in my hometown i live in the west Midlands, i pay £15 for 2gs £25 an 8th £45 a Q £80-£90 a half & a zip for £170-£180, i also get hash that costs me £25 a Q £50 a half & £80 a oz, I've never got weed from anywhere else but the UK lol
  4. priceofweed.com seeded Mexican brick goes for about $1 a gram in Cali. Then, you can get 35% THC in bud for about 25 a gram lol.
  5. I wish my country can print price tags and air it on telly
  6. (IMO) without doubt the cheapest and best quality has to be






    London uk

    the 'dam / Amstradam for quality/cost

    Hong Kong


    then ...any asian city ...lol
  7. costa rica
    oz for about $175 top shelf
    dont be bamboozled by creepy its pretty much mids

    $20 a gram
  8. 420Costarica, $175 top shelf??? in Costa Rica...not where I live. $20 a gram? Is it gold? Before I left the States, I had a medical marijuana certificate. Paid $125-150 per ounce for amazing product. Haven't seen anything that comes close to it here. Just got ripped off and I am pissed. I'd rather stop then be ripped off. Even the people I thought I could trust ended up being untrustworthy. Never thought I'd say that.
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  9. 20/g? Is it high grade?
  10. Right now I could get zips of dank outdoor for 125 and he usually throws in a gram of shatter.
    Southern California High Desert.
  11. I think Japan maybe has the most expensive. Their drug laws are fucking insane but they're also a pretty wealthy country (I think). There are places in the middle east and what not with equal or worse drug laws but those countries are poorer and I doubt law enforcement is nearly as effective so that makes the price lower.

    Pretty sure South American countries have really cheap weed
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  12. Legalization has definitely brought the prices down in Oregon. You can easily find an oz for $100 from a grower.

    There are 23 dispensaries in the town I live in with a population of about 10,000 people. They are all having a price war offering early bird specials, Happy hour specials, and veterans and senior discounts.

    It cracks me up listening to the raidio ads.
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  13. Im in scotland and its generally £12.50 a gram. 200-260 an oz for anything decent.
    Lots of people paying £125 per 3.5g (not a typo!) right now for calli orange imported from cali so guess what i just started growing :) can punt cali orange and stardawg round here for 500 an oz no problem. Fuck knows why like its no better than anything else but just gotta go with the flow eh :)

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  14. Feel fortunate that you have availability. I lived in Scotland in '75/'76. Never saw any cannabis at all; lots of distilleries; no plants.
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  15. California's where it's at, in my opinion, always.. quality.. quantity... overall
  16. Spain is ok....4 to 10 euro a gram....
    depending where and what quality.....
    and what season..haha
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  17. Washington state - $3 - 4 gm for lower quality, $5 - $7 ( €4.24 - €5.93) on the high end. I'm not complaining about prices at this point. It's cheap enough, but probably going lower due to oversupply. Come here and smoke people.
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  18. I it wasn't for trump I might have...haha
  19. My home of Kingston Jamaica is pretty good for that as well.


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