Which cigarettes to get?

Discussion in 'General' started by Iceman420, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Before I start off, I don't smoke cigarettes very often. I tried only tried two brands and that has been newports 100s, which i hate. And the Marlboro lights. The lights were the first ones i ever tried and they tasted sweet from what i remember but i only took one puff because i was a teen and i was nervous of someone catching me.

    Anyways, Im going on a trip to Costa Rica in the winter and I know I can't take bud with me. Which brand of cigs should i get? I won't be smoking many, in fact ill only take like 2 with me.

    Any tips?

    Also, as a question, I don't like cancer(I don't think no one does) but what are my chances of getting lung cancer if I smoke a cig or two?
  2. marlboro 27's
  3. 2 cigs? that's lung cancer waiting to happen :rolleyes:
  4. Youll be fine, ive been smoking cigs for 9 years and no cancer yet...

    camels are good, american spirits are better (the organics or the periques) and nat shermans are the best...
  5. I only use golden virgina rolling tobacco as it tastes the best and is a nicer smoke compared to cigarettes. I dont know if rolling tobacco is popular in america though.

    My friend visited NY and got stopped because he was mistaken for smoking a joint which was actually a roll up lol Which never happens over here as so many people smoke roll ups.

    Cigarettes tend to have nasty chunks of stem tobacco and generally too smokey for me.
  6. camel turkish silvers
  7. Marlboro 27's
  8. all i smoke are marlboro lights or 27's
  9. l&m are good budget smokes , 5 euro a pack thats cheap in ireland
  10. Camel menthols or Newports haha. 27s are pretty decent though

  11. L&M's are $4.10 here. but theyre fuckin nasty =/

    pall malls are like $3.85. but they make me sick =[

  12. What are so good about 27's? I heard Camel Turks are good.

  13. they just taste good brotha. try em out.
  14. [quote name='"darksmoker"']

    L&M's are $4.10 here. but theyre fuckin nasty =/

    pall malls are like $3.85. but they make me sick =[[/quote]

    Geez pall malls are over 8$ here! I smoke camel lights and it racks up to almost $10 a pack.
  15. Fuck that don't smoke
    Any of that shit
  16. smoother, nicer taste, and cute???
  17. Lucky Strikes unfiltered are my favorite brand, and they'd be extremely strong for a new smoker.

    If what your looking for is taste and quality, you can't really beat Nat Sherman's. Hit up a tobacco store for those, they're well worth the extra $$$.They're very smooth, tasty, slow burning, and sweet... a very classy cigarette.

  18. I always wanted to try Lucky Strike simply because of my favorite show(you guessed it, Mad Men)

    And yea i heard Sherman's were good. But everytime I think of them, i can't help but think of another illegal drug. They called them Sherm sticks or just "sherm" for short
  19. I definitely recommend you try one of those brands then, and haha they have no relation to PCP.


    I'd get those.

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