Which cfls to use?

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    So I'm running a cfl pc grow box and I'm redoing the lights and was debating if i should eithier get this 125 watt dual spectrum cfl(which would ofcourse go from back to front not on the side) or four 42watt 6500k cfls... The links are down below
    125w shop.simplyhydro.com/Feliz-Dual-Spectrum-Fluorescent-125W-_p_4132.html

    The 42 Watts

    Please tell me what you tHink

    My one and only
    http://forum.grasscity.com/index.php?/topic/1277267-Kronical's-First-Pc-Grow (Not Complete)
  2. I dont think its worth getting dual spectrum CFL's since they are so cheap.  just get one color and switch once you start flowering.

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