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Which came first???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jun 3, 2002.


Which came first??

  1. The seed came first

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  2. The plant came first

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  3. Marijuanna just appeared one day

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  4. Who cares just smoke anoither

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  1. The seed or the plant?

    With out the seed where did the plant come from?

    With out the plant where did the seed come from?
  2. yay. i have the first vote... which means 100% of the votes are "it just appeared one day." ya see... i'm a christian and i believe in creation :) so... God put it here! lol
  3. i believe in creation also so I think God created it and it 'just appeared one day.' yeehaw.
  4. LOL...reminds me of chickens and eggs.
  5. hmmm... which was it... a joint or a pipe??? good question, lol
  6. I voted for the plant because it is just like the damn chicken or the egg thing and I firmly believe that it was the chicken.
  7. i dont know whether it was a seed or the plant but about the chicken and egg thing it had to be a chicken because how else would the egg have hatched??? a new born chick can't take care of itself right? when god put people here they weren't babies were they??? nope so i think all the adult things came first
  8. The Plant & the Pipe!!!:D :smoking:
  9. Pass it over to me ...

    The pipe came first ... So pack it, again, man. :hippie:

    So, its come down to the "which came first ... ?" question. I voted "roll another", myself. ;) I'm going to have to say seed came first, in truth. I also agree with zonedude in the belief that Darwinism and Creationism are not necessarily mutually exclusive. I think that pot grew from a seed with a very fortunate mutation from the seed producing plant. It's a bit of Creationism and Darwinism spun up into one.

    Peace. :wave:
  10. I would say the seed. Cos from what does a plant grow? A SEED! Which- either way you look at it- has been planted by hand of god or the plant's ancestors.
  11. fuck god, mary jane created herself
  12. If pot spelled backwards is top and god spelled backwards is dog would it not follow that seeds and plants as well as bongs and pipes arrived on this planet at the same instant.They always have been and always will be.
  13. i totally agree with "igotthecottons" ... so am i ... a christian, that is, and i FIRMLY believe that if God didn't want us to smoke grass ... he wouldn't have allowed it to grow ... plain and simple!

    also to critters ... yes i HAVE smoke seeds ... nuthin' but a migrane headache that lasted for 3 1/2 days ... so i don't do that anymore! lol that would be stupidy on my part .... an' i'm FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRR from bein' stupid!

    Toke on my brothas & sistas!

  14. Nothing creates itself
  15. the seed came first, because whetever mutation produced the modern marijuana plant must have been present in the seed before the plant's 'birth'.. same with the chicken- the egg came first, plain and simple.. as far as i know, things dont mutate during their lifetimes

    ..however, i still picked option 4 :D
  16. phunkyphil's right...The seed came did the egg...its common knowledge through darwinism....modern biology teaches that.
  17. Who cares just smoke anoither
  18. the egg came first damnit...dinosaurs were laying eggs before chickens were ever thought of.
  19. MY THEORY>...

    maybe some kind of wacky flower got some oil spilled on it a LONG time ago and one of the seeds mutated into marijuana seed!
  20. Sounds fair to me ,lol :smoking:


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