which came first the chicken or the egg

Discussion in 'General' started by eatinbyaretic, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. well which one was it?

    Just rolled a chocolate swisher anyone wanna smoke with me, if there are no takers in 5 min ima smoke it myself
  2. i thought the dinosaur came first......
  3. the egg did!! THE EGG HAD TO!! let me explain, had a HUGE almost essay about this on yahooka, but there were no intelligent replies at all.... just flames and angry pms about religion and such, but here goes, ill try it on the city.

    Now, how evolution works, an organism passes on traits from it and other organisms to a newer offspring. this offsprings shares the characteristics of the parents, plus any possible mutations/retardations, that can then last if they work out and be passed to other generations.

    so at some point in history, we had a bird, probably like a chicken or hen, but not quite there. this bird layed and egg, and it grew up. many more generations came, every 50 or say years becoming slightly more advanced and complex. one day a bird laid an egg, but this egg was differant, and from this egg, came the worlds first chicken.

    this egg did not come from a chicken in either parent, yet it was a chicken that came out, thus the egg must of come first.

    this chicken obviously thrived and proved to produce many many many years of almost identically structured chickens due to a stranger dna build up and immune systems. these new improved super fowl did great, and with no more need to evolve, and no accidental evolutions lasting, the bird remained the same untill the present day....

    this is just my logic explanation, there is no science or fact behind it at all, just some ideas in my head thrown out on paper. or like megabytes and electrons instead of paper i guess......
  4. God created the chicken which then layed an egg. There ya go. Easy as pie.

    And eatinbyaretic, I wish I had been paying attention earlier instead of sitting outside smoking, because I would have smoked that choco blunt with you.
  5. im not anti religious or anything, but do you honestly believe god just magically plopped a chicken down like Zigfried and Roy??

    i can believe god laying out the laws of nature, and giving the buildng blocks of life like an abundance of Carbon, Oxygen, and an Ozone layer, but the idea that some invisible force invented the lung and the eye and all the working of the mind and body and just shot them down out of nowhere seems to be a little bit past plain old blind faith....

    but thats just my opinion.
  6. sorry! i only got about a dime left
  7. dah well, anyway I think the egg came first because at some point an animal that wasn't a chicken layed an egg that contained an animal with a genetic mutation that made it the modern chicken that we know today.

    The egg that this first chicken was in was the first egg.

    Kinda like what adamBC said.
  8. im serious... i thought birds evolved from dinosaurs.....so thus... the dino..... :)
  9. sorry, it's all my fault.
    ya see, one day, i was sitting on the toilet and out came this little oval object...

    i was so astonished at this strange thing that i kept it at my bedside and whaddayaknow! one day it broke open and a "thing" came out.

    i decided to call it a chicken, because it tasted like that stuff you get from kfc

  10. eeewwwww... you slept next to something that came out of your ass?!
  11. of course!

    but don't worry, i licked it clean, so i wouldn't get poop on me.
  12. who cares.... smoke some weed.... heyyyyy.... which came first the weed or the seed?????
  13. yeah, i mean in the 80s, people actua;ly thought digital watches loked good!

    and now look!

    aint evolution a wonder?!
  14. i love smoking weed.
  15. Firstabd foremost I agree with norm, and second off, the chicken.
  16. gravy is da only one speeking any sence in this thread.
  17. the egg you crazy bastards...THE EGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...read adambc's reply again and add a big fatty ditto to that for me.... take some biology classes if you still dont understand the way things evolve
  18. lol i dont know wat im doing in such an old thread but my answer is...

    the chicken and egg were lying in bed together, the chicken was looking very pised off, and the egg was looking happy an falling asleep, well i guess that answer the question which came first the chicken or the egg.
  19. so the monkey came first?
  20. egg in the most literal sense, everything comes from an egg, even humans, its how birth is done.

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