Which Bulb To Use?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by drugslayer, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. I am starting on my first grow and need a lightbulb that will have a e14 base, ive looked on amazon and such but really havent found anything decent
    what would you guys sugguest? can i have 1 bulb for the whole process to keep it simple?

  2. I'm only growing 1 plant to experiment and i really don't want to shell out so much on first grow and for only 1 plant
  3. Veg stage question:
    CFL what K tempertature is good?  I hear 6500k, is 6500k emitt a bluish light? 
    Not worried about anything but only the K temperature and if it emits a bluish light.
    What is the highest in K one can get in a CFL or best K temp?
    I want to purchase a case of CFL's probably the higher priced ones (over $20 per bulb even nearing $38/bulb) but I want to make sure I do not end up with a case of CFL's that put out a white light.
    I am not worried about any other spectrum or whatever, I may and/or will add more bulbs later of other spectrum including a black light.
    Please answer my question.  I have asked this all over, for 5 years now.  I still have not found a direct answer.  Thank you. 
    Check out some images of my grow from years ago, lmao those ended up producing some very very nice buds.  The taller one, that produced a huge massive cola that started to head over.  I actually gave half that plant away so I did not get to smoke the cola of that but it was some good smoke.  The other ones produced very nice buds.  I ended up flowering with a HPS and I also grew with a mixture of CFL's and MH lamp.
  4. please someone anyone?

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